Thousands streets to demand Balsonaro’s removal

Thousands take to the streets to demand the removal of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. They protested in more than 160 cities across the country on Saturday. News from the BBC. The level of anger with him increased during the Corona epidemic. Many Brazilians feel that the Bolsonaro government has failed to take appropriate action against Corona. More than six million people have died in the country since the epidemic began.

Brazil’s opposition and workers’ organizations staged a protest yesterday. One of them spoke to the news agency AFP. “The president is highlighting everything in the backward world, said Valdo Oliveira. There is hunger, poverty and corruption in the country. That is why we are here to defend democracy.

Brazil’s Supreme Court has also approved an investigation into multiple issues against the president. However, Bolsonaro refused to accept any allegations against him.

Meanwhile, yesterday’s protest went against Bolsonaro, but the opposite happened last month. Supporters of the president took part in multiple rallies in September. According to a recent poll, Bolsonaro has lost popularity with rival leftist Luiz Inc. Lula. Lula is 9 points ahead of the current president in terms of public support.

The Atlas Institute conducted a survey on the popularity of the Brazilian government. At the moment, 61 percent of Brazilians think that the Bolsonaro government’s performance in running the country is not at all satisfactory. Earlier, when he came to power in 2019, 23 percent of the people were against Bolsonaro.

Ever since Nicole Olivier had barely learned to walk, she has been trying to reach the sky and touch the stars. Now just eight years old, this Brazilian child has become known as the youngest astronomer in the world.

In addition, Olivier participates in various international seminars and meetings with the country’s top astronomers and scientists. Many affectionately call her Nicolina. His house is full of posters of the solar system. There he identified asteroids by looking at different pictures of the sky on two large screens connected to his computer.

Olivier claims he has already discovered 16 asteroids. He wants to name them after Brazilian scientists and their family members. If his findings are certified by NASA, Olivier will become the youngest asteroid discoverer in the world. This process, however, takes several years. Earlier, the youngest asteroid discoverer was 18-year-old Luigi Sanino of Italy.

Earlier this year, Olivier’s family moved to the town of Fortaleza, a thousand miles from Messi, after receiving a scholarship to a prestigious school. Oliveira’s father is a computer scientist and her mother is a craftsman. Her mother Jilma Janaka said, “When Oliveira was two years old, she would raise her hand to the sky and say, ‘Mom, give me a star.’ I can understand his interest in astronomy from the time he asked for a telescope as a gift on his birthday at the age of four. I didn’t even know what a telescope was then.
Oliveira says, ‘I want to be an aerospace engineer when I grow up. I want to make rockets. I want to go to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center to see their rockets.

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