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Tired of using wet bags of ice or gel packs; here is the solution!

Headaches are common pain that you may deal with occasionally. These headaches can be nuisances for your everyday tasks, you may sulk in doing ordinary things, and even your mood has instability. To overcome the overwhelming feeling of procrastination, many people go after drugs and take instant pain relievers.

No matter what someone says, we all know that medication and over-the-counter drugs are not a permanent solution and even become harmful or futile after their constant use.

And that is when ice therapy comes into the picture. Ice therapy is not a modern way to treat headaches and migraine. For the last 150 years, it has been the trusted remedy for headaches and migraines. Usually, people recommend massaging ice cubes wrapped in a cloth over the area that is aching

According to Dr. Tania Elliott, chief medical officer at EHE;

Ice is often the go-to treatmentfor pain and inflammation, so it is logical to use it when your head hurts.

However, using ice is a good thing until it starts to melt and ruin everything. Also, you can’t use it anywhere but at home. So what to do if you have a headache and want to treat the pain as soon as possible?

The Headache Hat

Tired of her constant headaches and migraines, one day, Sherrie Pulie decided to use ice therapy, and it did work when Sherrie got relief from the pain. But as mentioned above, the mess created was hard to digest.

So she decided to step up and help people like her who rely on ice therapy when treating their headaches, which led her to invent The Headache Hat.

It is a non-medicinal treatment that involves ice packs. This handy tool gives relief by giving cooling ice therapy to the areas you most likely are getting your migraine. All you have to do is wrap the hat tightly around your temples, neck, forehead, over your eyes, or the place that needs relief.

It would be best if you put the wrap in the freezer until it’s as cold as you like. Then you can use it at home, work, or even traveling. The fabric it is made of won’t let the water run down your skin even after the ice melts, as the water is stored in ice bags sown in the hat. Headache Hats are made of stretchy clothes, and their tightness and size can be adjusted according to the wearer’s convenience. This product is not only easy-to-use but also affordable. This little hat has gained a massive following among migraine sufferers, with nearly 5,000 reviews on Amazon alone. The users have shown great support for the product and praised it. But beware of the fake copies and try buying the original Headache Hat.

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