To Shoot or Not to Shoot Your Product Photography

If you are a retail store owner and wondering whether you really need any product photography to sell your products, then think no more. To boost your product sell, product photography is something you cannot do without. 

Why Do You Need Product Photography?

Let’s say you are a business owner in the city of Vancouver and wondering whether you need Vancouver product photography for your business or not. You might have a retail store and enough foot traffic to make sale all day long. But the question is, can you really do without online sale? Just having a product website or eCommerce presence can boost your sale by as much as 300%. Lot of shoppers these days prefer to shop online. They can browse the product image, read product description and then just place the order online. Within just few minutes, they have placed an order for the product they want. It will be shipped to their home address and they didn’t even have to leave the house. What’s more interesting is that, they did the entire shopping while they are still in their pajamas. 

Online shopping was already popular and the biggest company in the world Amazon is an online company offering people to shop their desired products online. With the pandemic we are riding through, online sale skyrocketed. Businesses therefore cannot deny the need of product images and having online presence.

How Much Does It Cost to Have Product Photos Taken?

It really depends on where you live and what type of photographer you are hiring. Cost of Calgary product photography will not be the same as the cost in a developing country. Best way to find out how much it really cost is to contact a few photographers in your local city and see how much they charge.

Cost also varies based on the product type. Is it a table top product? Does it require any prop? Is it an apparel product that needs dry cleaning? Is it an oversized item that require special floor and specialized handling? Many things depend on the photoshoot cost. Just contact a few local photographers and get a feel for the cost. Then match it towards your budget to make a decision as to whom you should go with. 

What Happens After Product Images Are Shot?

Now that you made a decision to take some product images and hired the right person for the job, you are wondering what’s next. What to do with whole bunch of images that were taken?

It is up to you actually. You can just post them on your eCommerce site as is. Or you can get the images professionally edited to suit the look of your online shop. You can make the images visually attractive so that potential buyers find the images appealing which in turn leas them towards making a purchase decision. 

Some photographers or studios will offer shooting and editing all in one single package. While some product owners might find it cost efficient to just take care of editing part on their own by hiring an outsourcing company. 

In reality, photographers will end up outsourcing the image editing part to an outsourcing company anyways. So it’s entirely up to the product owners to decide whether to let the photography studio deliver the images edited on unedited and whether to outsource the editing job on their own. 

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