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Top 10 Mixed Heritage Fashion Brands

As 2023 nears, innovative fashion concepts continue to be on the rise, and mixed heritage culture is gaining traction in the scene. People who are of mixed race or who grew up surrounded by multiple cultures, have many designs to choose from to combine the sentiments of different worlds into their clothing.

This prolific design style has given rise to several artists and brands that prefer to combine mixed origins into their clothing. We will discuss the top ten brands that have built a reputation for themselves by incorporating mixed cultural elements into their garments.

1. Asiya Bareeva

So far, this Russian designer’s clothes have demonstrated a strong diversity. With many diverse cultures thriving in Russia, from Buddhism to Islam and many more, Asiya’s dresses attempt to adapt to the needs of every sect. She also creates various ethnic jewelry and headpieces out of Japanese polymer clay.

2. Hwang Yi-seul (Dew Hwang)

He is a well-known designer of Korean hanbok. Hanbok is traditional Korean clothing that has been passed down for hundreds of years and consists of a long skirt or pants coupled with a cropped jacket. Hwang apparel is designed for modern people who wish to include elements of the past in their clothing style.

3. Alec Nakashima

Creator of the rising menswear brand Akashi-Kama, founder Alec Nakashima uses Asian Americans as his design inspiration. His most ambitious project yet is the Noragi Jackets, which have become the buzz of the town. Their Noragi Jackets profile as modern kimonos, which stretch back many centuries and are inspired from traditional Japanese apparel. Akashi-Kama has been featured in GQ, Inside Hook, Oakland Magazine, the Pacific Citizen, and more.

4. Iman Aldebe

Iman’s designs incorporate elements of Muslim culture. This fashion graduate is well-known in Muslim culture for her distinctively fashioned headscarves and turbans. She is now working on a clothing line for both men and women.

5. Jotaro Saito

Jotaro is well-known for her work in kimono and other traditional Japanese attire. Japanese kimonos date back thousands of years. Her garments are distinguished from modern designers by their use of string hues and exquisite designs.

6. Barjis Chohan

Barjis is another designer working on a Muslim clothing line. This London-based designer has won several honors for her exquisite apparel designs that appeal to both Muslims and ladies of different ethnic backgrounds.

7. Yoshiki

This designer was a former musician who was a member of a Japanese heavy metal band. Yoshikimono, his company, has historically created Kimonos in a variety of designs such as floral, animal print, solids, geometric forms, and much more. He makes the Kimonos appear sheer by using thinner fabric.

8. Purvi Doshi

This Gujrati, Indian designer has traditional clothes that are colorful and glittery. Her stunning outfits feature a kurta, shalwar (loose trousers), and embroidered and textured motifs. She has received several honors, and her work has been appreciated in numerous venues.

9. Rimzim Dadu

Her family has been in the garment industry for decades, so she has a fashion background. Her outfits are fashioned from her own material. Thus, everything she creates is unique to her. Aside from that, her clothing has a South Asian feel to it, and her ‘saris’ speak for themselves.

10. Marwa Atik

Vela’s owner sells current Westernized attire such as hijabs, veils, headscarves, and distinctive women’s clothing. She adds pleasure to her work by experimenting with colors and patterns and making them fashionable with her ideas. The ‘Black Metallic Henna Print’ and the ‘Mosaic Print’ are popular with the public.


These remarkable designers have made it their mission to drastically transform the world of fashion by adding a personal touch in their own distinctive ways. Fashion is a creative area, and people enjoy seeing fresh designs. You can look into these designers and their one-of-a-kind work.

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