Top 5 Reasons Why Companies Are Going Offshore for Their Business Process Outsourcing

We see slogans, very patriotic slogans here in USA or Canada – Buy American or Buy Canadian or Buy Domestic, Support Your Local Farmers. Yes, we can be patriotic at heart; but when it comes to operating a business, it is the money that talks. Not the patriotic mind. It is therefore common trend among businesses to outsource to an offshore clipping path service provider for their image clipping need and other business process. Why? Pretty simple! It saves the company a considerable amount of money each year which results in bigger profit margin. 

Why companies outsource their business processes? Below are the top five reasons why.

1. Save on Production Cost: 

In order to be most profitable in the business, companies will need to minimize their production cost as much as possible by keeping the quality standard. While some companies end up reducing the quality over time to cut cost more and more, but reputable companies cannot afford to compromise on quality. There are various ways companies can maintain the quality and still reduce production cost to some extent. One off the ways would by outsourcing their photo editing jobs to an offshore clipping path service provider. 

2. Save on Real Estate:

When it comes to commercial office space, real estate is at premium. Some big companies need hundreds of images or even thousands of images to be edited on a daily basis. This would require twenty, forty, sixty or even hundreds plus people in their post-production photo editing team. Some editing job like ghost mannequin editing would require longer time to edit due to the complex nature of the editing and the time it takes. Having to setup workstations for these big team will require a huge amount of real estate which companies cannot afford. It is therefore wise to simply outsource the ghost editing job to a ghost mannequin photo editing service provider. 

3. Increase Productivity:

It takes significant amount of resources to hire, train and manage a team of photo editors. Hire trainers for the new recruit, hire supervisors and managers, extra work for human resource, having to worry about employee benefits, etc. Take up lot of time for upper-level management. By outsourcing the business process, they can free up that time and invest that time in something more productive. By outsourcing, businesses can increase overall productivity for the entire company. 

4. Quick Turnaround Saves Time:

An office employee is usually a salaried employee who will work at a certain pace. Where an outsourcing company is like a production machine. They know how to minimize the downtime and increase productivity. Since the employees of an outsourcing company keeps repeating the same job over and over, they attain a great deal of skill in doing so resulting in reduced production or editing time. What takes an average business twenty hours to do, an outsourcing company can complete the same job by saving at least 25% of the time. 

Another point to consider is that most outsourcing companies are located offshore. Due to time difference, businesses that end their work day cannot start their daily images the same day. They will have to wait till the next business day to start editing. Where outsourcing to an offshore company can start the work the same day due to time difference. Instead of starting the editing job on their own the next day, businesses can get their job completed by the time they start their next business day. 

5. Higher Quality:

All businesses have to deal with employee turnover rate. It takes new employees time to learn the job and start working at the highest level. Employee turnover, sick days, inclement weather, etc. disrupts productivity and compromised the quality. An outsourcing company is like a production workhorse that sometimes operate on a 24 x 7 schedule without any disruption. This results in consistent and higher quality jobs that is hard for individual businesses to attain. 

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