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Air Conditioning Needs Repair

Top 5 Signs That Tell Your Air Conditioning Needs Repair

Just like any other electronic appliance, your air conditioner will not last forever.

If you are experiencing some trouble with your air conditioning system, there are good chances that it needs servicing or repair. Brisbane Air conditioner specialists like Cool Times will be able to guide you well in this regard. They attend to a lot of calls daily and thus know all the ins and outs of most air conditioning systems.

If you are still confused about whether it is time to call an expert or not, simply look for the below-mentioned 5 signs. These signs are a clear signal that your AC needs repair.

5 signs your air conditioning system needs repair

1. It is not as cool as it used to be

This is the most obvious and alarming sign. If your air conditioning system is just not cool enough, don’t simply blame it on the outer temperature. Instead, ensure that it is running well. If the system is not cooling enough, check the manual. Product specifications will give you an idea about the life expectancy of your system.

2. Your energy bill is increasing

Check your energy bills thoroughly. if you are suspecting an irregular spike in the amount, there are good chances your AC unit is consuming more than it is supposed to. Consider conducting an energy audit if needed.

3. You notice some strange emissions

When an air conditioning system is not working well, it mostly emits moisture and smell. If you haven’t cleaned your unit since a while, there are good chances that the dirt built inside it is causing the bad odor. As far as the moisture is considered, water dripping from the outer unit is normal, but if you notice any moisture inside, it indicates something needs to be repaired or replaced.

4. The system is becoming noisy

If your air conditioning system is making strange noises, it means there is something wrong with its mechanism, especially if it is a split AC unit. A well-maintained system is expected to work silently. Strange noises mean there is an issue with either the fan, some parts are getting loose inside, or there is excessive dirt build-up. Screeching, grating, grinding, buzzing, and ticking sounds indicate a serious issue.

5. There is a leakage in the system

The inside unit is expected to be dry. So, if there is any leakage at all, take immediate action and get the system inspected. Certain leakage indicates that there is no scope of repair anymore and you need to replace the whole system.

Lastly, if you are experiencing issues with your air conditioning system very frequently, it might be time to get it replaced. With time, repairing an air conditioning system might get more expensive compared to replacing it.

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