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Top 7 Must-See Attraction Sites in Sofia, Bulgaria

Surrounded by a rich historic culture, Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital has a lot of sites to see and admire. Ranging from parks, museums, churches, galleries, and fancy nightspots, this is a destination that is worth ticking off your bucket list. With so many historic and compelling sites, each of the places listed below will give you a new perspective on the city’s conflicting and interesting past.

  1. Take a Walk Down Shishman Street

If you know your history well, then you are aware that Sofia has a history worth 2,000 years of the Soviets, Ottomans, Romans, and Greeks. Walking down Shishman Street will introduce you to the country’s historic culture. As not only will you get the opportunity to check out popular landmarks like the Patriarch Evtimy Square. But, you will get a real treat of the local food, fashion, and art.

  1. Bask at the Borisova Garden

Despite being the oldest park in the city, basking under the sun at Borisova Garden will leave you feeling peaceful and relaxed. It’s the perfect place for you to check out on a hot afternoon. You can also have some of the local delicacies at the restaurants and vendors found nearby.

  1. Learn about the St. Sofia Church

Back in the 14th century, this church gave Sofia city its name. This information is very important especially if you want to learn how the city came to be. And there is no better place for you to learn more other than visiting the remains of the 2nd oldest church in Sofia.

  1. Attend a Concert at the National Palace of Culture

If you visit Sofia during peak seasons, then you are lucky enough to witness a plethora of performances that are hosted here. The National Palace of Culture is amongst the top attraction sights in the city. Built back in 1981, tens of events are hosted here annually. You can always book your ticket and look for upcoming events at the National Palace of Culture website.

  1. Admire the Square of Religious Tolerance

Religion has always been a hot topic of debate for years because of the conflicting ideas that each religion harbors. However, here in Sofia, Bulgaria, the approach is very different. Visit the square of religious tolerance and admire how 4 religions coexist in harmony with each other. The square consists of the Catholic Cathedral of Saint Joseph, the Banya Bashi Mosque, the Orthodox Christian Saint Nedelya Church, and the Sofia Synagogue.

  1. Check Out the Oldest Structure in Sofia (Church of St. George)

Did you ever think that a building from the 3rd century would last for another 17 centuries? Well, it’s because you haven’t seen the Church of St. George. This is the oldest structure in the city with ties to the Roman culture. Other than the remains, inside the church, you can also see paintings that date back to the 13th century.

  1. Vitosha Mountain

For those who are more of an outdoor adventure kind of tourist, the Vitosha Mountains should be at the top of your to-see list. This mountain that towers over the city will give you a break from the museums and galleries. As you enjoy the fresh air, you will be able to enjoy a bird’s view of the city.

The mountain itself is a wonder because it consists of 10 peaks all of which exceed 2,000 meters in height. Packed with a wide range of outdoor activities like hiking and bike riding, you can have lots of fun here. It may get smoggy, so it’s best to plan your visit here on a clear sunny day.

These are just some of the top places you should visit when you are in Sofia. Once you arrive and start exploring, you will realize that there is a lot this city can offer you. While planning where to visit, it is important that you consider booking a Sofia airport transfer. A private transfer from Sofia airport will guarantee convenience in terms of movement, secondly, you will be in safe hands, you will also have the freedom to choose which car to travel with and where to go. To top it all up, there are no extra expenses as is the case with taxis.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip to this beautiful and historic city day. And don’t forget to book a Sofia airport transfer in advance.

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