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Tungsten Bands on Some Frequently Asked Questions

Tungsten also has a very high melting point compared to other metals. Diamond, platinum, and gold have been in the jewelry industry for many years but the world of men’s jewelry has seen a huge revolution after the discovery of tungsten. This durable and affordable metal has gained huge popularity over years and to some extent has also posed a threat to the popularity of traditional metal jewelry. Many questions still pop into people’s minds after hearing tungsten bands, and in this article, we will try to answer some of those questions.

Why Use Bands of Tungsten Carbide?

First, tungsten carbide is an exotic and rare metal which once polished can hold its shine for a long time, unlike gold or platinum bands that require frequent replating and polishing. Second, titanium carbide bands are extremely scratch-resistant; you must have noticed how gold and platinum pieces of jewelry get scratched easily. But in the case of tungsten bands, the surface will hold on to its beauty and finish forever.

Can Tungsten Bands Be Engraved?

This is the most frequent question asked in case of any bands and for tungsten, the answer is yes. Tungsten bands can be engraved; you must have seen many people who want to have their tungsten wedding bands engraved with custom engravings. But as tungsten is an extremely hard metal so it is quite difficult to engrave tungsten using the old engraving techniques. But thanks to the laser technologies, which have made engraving tungsten bands easy.

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Is There Any Need to Be Concerned With the Cobalt in Tungsten Bands?

The answer is yes. Though tungsten bands are mostly cobalt-free, some tungsten carbide bands are made using an alloy of tungsten and cobalt. According to DermNet, cobalt is one of the common metals that cause skin allergies. Cobalt allergy can develop at any age including children and teens and can exist with other metal allergies such as nickel or chromate.

Which One Is Better Tungsten or Titanium?

First, titanium bands can never have a glossy long-lasting finish like tungsten. Second, Titanium bands can get deformed or scratched easily unlike tungsten which is 4 times harder than titanium. Third, Titanium bands are extremely lightweight, some may consider this as an advantage of titanium band over that of tungsten but with such light-weightiness, you will hardly realize if your titanium band slips off your finger and rolls away.


These are some questions on tungsten bands that are asked frequently. Hope your question is not left unanswered.


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