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UK Comes With Lots of Opportunities For International Students

UK Comes With Lots of Opportunities For International Students

Studying in the UK comes with lots of opportunities for international students. International students get a chance to study in the world’s prestigious universities. Opportunities For International Students The opportunity to meet new people from all around the globe while studying in the UK makes staying in the UK a wonderful experience for the majority of international students. But this doesn’t mean living in the UK is easy and comfortable (Woods & Hunter, 2021). It comes with challenges and problems, especially at the beginning of the academic voyage. In this blog, we will be going to discuss the challenges that students might face in London and will propose a solution to overcome them.

Feeling homesick Opportunities For International Students

As many students including foreign students, there are times when they feel homesick because it becomes difficult for them to visit their home. Some students might find it overwhelming because they have to be apart from their family and friends for a quite long time. As a result, they need more support from the university. Almost all Universities offer professional counseling in order to help students to get over the challenges of life. It’s important for international students to be able to confidently ask for help from professionals about how they feel. It’s important for students to remember the University staff is always there to help. International students who secured good grades in IELTS are not practically exempt from this. Communicating with people by using English as a second language is more difficult than you think due to cultural differences, accents, and local slang.

There is no shame if you come across any words or sentences that you might find difficult to understand. Acknowledge your friend and ask for help from them. Most of the universities have language support services. Get there and make the most out of it. Automatically you will gradually see improvement very surprising and excitingly. Studying in London is very expensive. As a result, it causes financial challenges for some students. However, you can do a part-time job.

You can have a variety of university jobs. If there is any, then it will be very convenient for you. Moreover, find a job on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on) which is not far from your university campus. For instance, you can be a writer at any dissertation writing service UK that will not only help you to earn some bucks but will help you in polishing your academic skills in the writing field.

Conduct research on student discounts in the UK. Get an NUS Card, it will give you discounts on online shopping, Megabus rides. A young person card can give you a ⅓ discount on the train tickets. Get an oyster card if you are studying and living in London. It will be pretty amazing to know how much you can save on food, accommodation, and travel through these cards while you are a student in the UK.

Racial discrimination

The UK is one of the best places to study and live due to its cultural diversity and social harmony. But still, international students face racial discrimination through verbal and physical abuse. Mostly International students encounter racial discrimination on and off university hours.

Problem integrating

It is a common problem among people who go to a foreign country that have a different academic and cultural background. It becomes difficult for people to adopt a new culture. However, most of the international students decide to live in their cultural group so they usually don’t integrate into a new culture. As universities have student unions and hundreds of student clubs, you easily make new good friends who have the same interests as you.

Cultural shock

Cultural shock can be emotional and physical. It is a feeling of discomfort that people experience when they move to a new place from their original place. The symptoms of cultural shock are Loneliness or sadness, Loss of identity, pains, and aches, Feeling paranoia, Depression, and mood swings. Having friends from the UK or knowing about the country before arriving can definitely help. However, cultural shock is something that is difficult to avoid especially if you belong from outside Europe. Talking with friends or family members via phone will be helpful if you find any above symptoms in you. If this doesn’t help then consult the professional for extra help.

Currency difference Cultural difference is one of the things that doesn’t hurt if you are visiting London for a short time. But it does have a great impact if you are studying in the UK for a long period of time. Don’t spend dollars as they are pounds.

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