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European court ruling

UK Rwanda asylum-seeker flight cancelled after European court ruling

Our legal team are reviewing every decision made on this flight and preparation for the next flight begins now.

British newspapers from across the political spectrum expressed outrage at the eleventh-hour reversal and the government’s handling of the affair.

The left-leaning Daily Mirror, meanwhile, slammed the government’s “cruel farce” and the “chaos” the policy had provoked.

‘All wrong

More than 10,000 have crossed since the start of the year.

‘Shames Britain’

It was reported last weekend that Queen Elizabeth II’s heir, Prince Charles, had privately described the government’s plan as “appalling”.

But Truss said, “The people who are immoral in this case are the people traffickers trading on human misery.”

In Kigali, government spokeswoman Yolande Makolo told reporters it was an “innovative programme” to tackle “a broken global asylum system”.

“We don’t think it is immoral to offer a home to people,” she told a news conference.

Johnson has told his senior ministers the policy was “the right thing to do”.

‘Value for money

Moussa, 21, from the Darfur region of Sudan, said “getting papers” was the attraction.

“That’s why we want to go to England,” he said.

But Rwandan opposition parties have questioned whether the resettlement scheme will work given high youth unemployment rates.


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