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Understanding The Latest And Improved HIV Test And How It Will Benefit Us

Understanding The Latest And Improved HIV Test And How It Will Benefit Us

HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus, has a long history and has been considered one of the deadliest viruses that have no effective cure. The virus in concern attacks the cells that are responsible for fighting infections in the body. Since HIV is not curable, once you get it, you have it for life. However, early detection can help your case and prevent it from getting worse Benefit.

There have been several tests in the past, and the methods have only evolved through time. However, every HIV test does not come with the same accuracy and thus has different advantages. The fourth-generation tests conducted by specialised and certified labs are more accurate than older-generation ones.

An Introduction to HIV 4th Generation Test Benefit

Also known as ELISA or enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay test, the fourth generation HIV test involves a complete screening that will help you identify acute HIV. Acute HIV refers to the stage when the infection is strong and likely to transmit.

In the first weeks right after your exposure to HIV, the body produces p24 which is an enzyme. This protein is present only in people who have an acute infection. It triggers the mechanism in your body, which begins to attack your immune system.

The test can identify HIV antibodies and p24 alike with a blood sample. There are several products for this kind of testing, and the HIV test price in Delhi depends a lot on the products used for the testing. Some of them are.

Understanding The Latest And Improved HIV Test And How It Will Benefit Us

For the test, you are required to give a sample of blood specifically drawn from the vein. It is done with a needle, but it does not hurt much, almost like any other blood sample. Once the sample is collected, it is submitted to the lab, and experts test the sample to come up with a conclusive result.

When to Test- Symptoms of HIV
The initial symptoms of HIV infection are just like the flu and might not alarm you. But if you are in doubt that you may have contracted the disease, it is best to go for a test at the earliest. Here are some of the common Acute HIV Infection symptoms:

As you can see, these are pretty common symptoms, and in most cases, you may not have the infection, but in case you think you’ve been exposed to it, get the tests done right away.

HIV Test Price Delhi
The HIV test price Delhi depends on the centre you go to for testing. However, to give you a ballpark, it could be anywhere between rs. 2500 to rs. 3500. However, this is not a fixed rate and, just like any other test, may vary from one diagnostic centre to the other.

HIV 4th generation test is by far the most accurate test and can detect your infection at the earliest. Therefore, if you have an inkling that you might have contracted HIV, it is best to get this test over the older generation tests.

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