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United States Abortion Law That Could Not Permit Abortions

United States Abortion Law That Could Not Permit Abortions

Are you opposed to the repeal or repeal of United States abortion law that could not permit abortions at 15 weeks pregnant? Do you want to help in the fight against these drafts, proposals and extreme judges and judgements? Have you heard that pro-choice abortion activists as well as a number of private groups have sought public support by coordinating various strikes and the launch of Ruthsent.us? Let’s look at what Ruthsentus.com can help the cause.


Since 1973, following 1973, following the Roe V. Wade case ruling, women were able to have abortions from the time of the 23rd week. A new sensational draft of the supreme court , drafted by Justice Samuel Alito suggested a prohibition on abortions at 15 weeks gestation.

Following the leak of the draft there was a mass protest in front of the Supreme Court. Women felt they were treated as property of the state and that they could be denied their fundamental rights and limit their freedom in the event that women’s right to have an abortion was ruled out.


The activist created her Ruthsent.us website to sign up people who would like to demonstrate against any decision of the Supreme Court. The decision is expected in June. The suggestions included in the draft won’t be published since it is contrary to an ethical code that governs the court. However, the public is anticipating that they will not have to be waiting for more than a few months only to regret the decision made by the Supreme Court.

Ruthsent.us invites users to sign up who would like to:

  • Join 11th May Walk-By,
  • Get paid for your work by signing up on Ruthsentus.com,
  • Protest at your the local AT&T store.
  • Strike unpaid labour,
  • Join in protests at the local Whole Foods,
  • Strike school,
  • Make sure to amplify the social media reverberation,
  • The cost of strikes,
  • Assist in organizing a strike.
  • Donate to a striker the amount of $58 or more.
  • Hunger strike

It also seeks to educate the public of

  • Black Lives Matter,
  • Women Deserve Trust,
  • No Human Is Illegal,
  • Love Is Love,
  • immigrant rights,
  • Protest against the oppression of minorities through registration at Ruthsentus.com,
  • LGBTQ+, and
  • Freedom and rights for women.

The website provides information about different protests that will take place from the 8th of May to 15th May and could be to extend it for longer. The name of the site was derived on the liberal late justice Ruth Ginsburg. The hashtag #ruthsent is trending on FB, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok and has more than 14,994 followers.


Do you feel that Ruthsent.us helpful to the cause of taking registrations? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. article that explains the reason for Ruthsent.us.

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