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United States has revoked the license of China Telecom

United States has revoked the license of China Telecom

The United States has revoked the license of China Telecom, one of the largest companies in China’s telecom sector. As a result, the Chinese telecom company will not be able to operate in the United States. The U.S. administration has revoked the company’s license in the United States, citing threats to national security. News from the BBC.

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) made its final decision on Tuesday. FCC officials believe that the Chinese state-controlled telecom company has access to the US online communication system, data collection, storage and misuse. Which is a threat to the national security of the United States. For this, China Telecom will have to withdraw its activities from the United States within the next 60 days.

China Telecom is one of the three most influential companies in the Chinese telecom market. The company is providing telecom services to billions of customers in 110 countries.

China Telecom has been operating in the United States for almost two decades. The company described the US administration’s decision to revoke the license as “disappointing”. In a statement, China Telecom said it would plan to pursue all possible options to ensure customer service.

In April this year, the FCC threatened to shut down China Telecom’s services in the United States. Last year, the FCC described the activities of Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE as a threat to national security.

News of the cancellation of China Telecom’s license came as US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen met with Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Liu He. At the same time, Duneta spoke about further improving bilateral relations between the two superpowers. Bilateral relations between the United States and China have recently cooled over the trade dispute and the Taiwan issue.

U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan met with representatives of Myanmar’s National Unity Government (NUG) last Monday.  The White House announced the meeting on Monday. News Reuters. At the meeting, Sullivan pledged continued US support for the pro-democracy movement in Myanmar and discussed ongoing efforts to bring the country back to democracy.

Sullivan expressed concern over military violence in Myanmar. The White House spokesman, Sullivan, said the campaign for accountability for the coup would continue.

The army seized power in a bloodless coup on February 1 in Myanmar. Tent for the unrest in Myanmar.

According to a White House statement, Sullivan expressed special concern over the recent arrest of pro-democracy activist Co-hostage and noted that the United States would continue to campaign for his release.

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