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US Sanctions On Police Chief Benazir Ahmed And Several RAB Officials

US Sanctions On Police Chief Benazir Ahmed And Several RAB Officials

Bangladesh has expressed dissatisfaction over US sanctions on police chief Benazir Ahmed and several RAB officials. Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen said the US ambassador to Dhaka, Earl R. Miller, had been summoned to the State Department today to express his dissatisfaction. “We have called the US ambassador this morning. My foreign secretary has discussed it. It is a big surprise that this has happened,” the minister said in response to a question from reporters after a function in Dhaka on Saturday.

Foreign Secretary Masood Momen was with him at the time, but he declined to comment. However, a later statement from the State Department said that Bangladesh had expressed dissatisfaction with US Ambassador Earl R. Miller over the ban on police and RAB chiefs. A statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, Miller told the foreign secretary that he would convey the Bangladesh government’s concerns to his government.

Among the banned organizations and individuals are RAB and its former DG, current police chief Benazir Ahmed and RAB’s current DG Chowdhury Abdullah Al Mamun, among others. Due to the sanctions, they will not receive a visa to the United States, and may even have their assets confiscated in the United States.

Though there was a commotion in Bangladesh on Friday night over the ban, no response was received from the government, police or RAB. After addressing a function in Dhaka in the morning, in response to the question of the journalists, Mr. expressed the issue of summoning the ambassador. Momen.

Responding to a question from reporters, he pointed to the ban on Bangladesh’s police chief and RAB DG, saying “it is very sad. Some NGOs and human rights groups have complained.” Mr. Momen claims that six million people go missing in the United States each year, but the US government does not know how. He also said that the US police kill thousands of people every year in the line of duty.

“And here’s a new way of saying to the head of the institution – these are mischievous attempts. Some people are missing in all countries. These are tragic.”

“Developed and mature countries like the United States take many steps that are immature. In many countries, their steps have not been good for anyone, not even for the American people,” he said. If you do good deeds, then there is a problem. By ” Meanwhile, Asaduzzaman Khan, the head of the Interior Ministry under the RAB, did not respond directly to the RAB officials on the issue of US sanctions, but said that no one in Bangladesh can crossfire or shoot on purpose. “Our system is beautiful. No one can crossfire on purpose or shoot on purpose. But the reason for the sanctions is a judicial inquiry into what happened, whether it was an accident or negligence,” he said. The home minister said security forces may often fire to save lives when terrorists fire firearms.

Restrictions on:
The United States has imposed sanctions on Bangladesh’s Special Police Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) and six of its officers for alleged involvement in “grave human rights abuses.” On Friday, International Human Rights Day, the US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) imposed sanctions on a total of 10 organizations and 15 individuals involved in human rights abuses and persecution.

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