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Used To Run Six Figure Business

Used To Run Six Figure Business

Used To Run Six Figure Business In this post, you are going to learn how you can make $20 an hour just using apps online, and I’m gonna be showing you six different websites, that you can use apps, makeup to $20 an hour, literally fast, easy and free. Also Learn:- Earn money online in India 2020: Make $5 In Next Hour Without Investment 2020 It’s pretty exciting because there’s a whole industry, built around testing apps and websites on the internet. You can make as much as $20 per hour, just by using these sites.

So, applying this, you can make up to, $20 per hour, which is pretty neat. Now, the tests, they have different requirements.

But no matter what, you want to sign up for all of these sites, I’m about to show you in order, to get the maximum amount of tests, so you can make the maximum

about money. Note: This site is not available for Indian. However Indians can make money from Cricket fantasy sites.

Userlytics Let’s go further, the second site is called Userlytics. Look right here, Userlytics, Customer In-Sight, whatever that means. But it’s the same feedback person-, Blah, blah, blah, from your target persona. So again, they’re looking at particular personas, so the more sites your sign up for, the more chances you have to get a test that wants you. Click Tester Sign Up, and it says, “Get paid to test websites and apps. “, So, looks at this, you

get paid via PayPal. The money will be sent straight to your PayPal, you can get five, 10, 15, $20. I guess some of their projects will even pay up to $90, just for navigating the web.

Now, you can be as young as 16 years of age to do this, so even if you’re not 18

yet, if you’re 16 or 17, you can make money and get that money, deposited straight to your

PayPal account, pretty exciting. So, you can learn more about it here, but you have the website, you can go, and sign up on your own.

Usertesting. com. There’s a lot of money here, but basically, you will be giving feedback, to companies such as Walmart, Facebook, eBay, Patagonia, Expedia, Ancestry. com, Citrix.

You’ll be working with all of these companies, and giving them feedback on their websites and their apps, because the thing is, there’s so many different people, using different phone, different tablets, different computers, that these companies, they need testers from all

these different categories, all these different types of phones, all these different ages, all

these different demographics, they need you to test their stuff.

earn up to $60 per test.

They pay you to visit websites or apps, and speak your thoughts aloud.

So, what you’re doing is you’re visiting, you know, Walmart will say, “We want you to test our new app. “,

So Just install their app on your PC or Phone and share your feedback while recording screen like this button is not working, why this logo here, what is the meaning of this line?

That’s what your job is, that’s what you do. But you need to get in on this, because they’re still accepting testers, this is a new field.

Userfeel we have Userfeel, once again, you can sign up, Become A Tester, userfeel. com. Become A Tester right there, and once again, $10 per test, and you can find more tests to do.

You have to use a Windows or a Mac computer, no apps for this company.

Enroll Enroll and you sign up here, you can take tests anywhere.

Final Words:- So hopefully, guys, use apps, get money, free and easy. Share your feedback in comments. You should be going out there, and for eve

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