Useful Activities Couple Can Do At Home During Pandemic



Staying indoors at most times, practicing safe distancing and proper hygienic hands washing are the “new” normal activities for everyone due to the current pandemic situation.

Couples are also taking up “new” normal activities in response to the current change of circumstances.  With most time spent indoors; couples have taken up interesting activities to build their relationship.  These activities are not just being couch potatoes and have a marathon night watching one season after another of Netflix shows.

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Schedule Regular Exercise Sessions

Getting enough exercise is particularly important during the pandemic situation.  This is because people need to ensure that they are in good health to have a strong immunity system to avoid contracting the virus.  Ensuring one have a healthy diet and enough exercise are important measures to maintain good health. 

Hence, couple can schedule regular exercise sessions to keep their health in check and to do couply things together.  To make these sessions more intimate, the couple can wear matching outfits and exercise accessories.  They can also end the exercise session in a healthy manner with a great blend of smoothie and healthy snacks or an indoor spa session.

Take up Same Indoor Hobby

Engaging in a same hobby helps to grow and strengthen the couple’s relationship.  Taking up an indoor hobby which the couple enjoy is a great way to pass their time more meaningfully and create common topics to bond them.

There are several indoor hobbies that couple can consider.  Firstly, they can do art and craft such as putting up a photobook or hand-painting coffee mugs.  Such art and craft activities provides great avenue to unleash their creativity.  Secondly, they can start a blog revolving around a common theme that interest them.  They can spend time together to decorate the website and update the blog with interesting articles.  Lastly, they can take up meditation sessions to unwind and relax. Meditation is also a great way to end the night on a good note.  Meditation is especially important in current times when we are faced with so much negativity on daily basis.

Declutter and Re-organise Furniture

The current situation is the best time for couple to declutter their home and enjoy the benefits of having a clutter free home.  Some of the benefits include reduced stress because of owning less things and reduced spending due to more intentional buying.

Decluttering the home together binds the couple as they can chat over the fond memories these items brought when they sift through the items together.

They can also use the chance to re-organise the furniture to create a “new” home feel.

Couples who take up the above-mentioned activities will spend a more meaningful time at home.

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