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Using a Status Report

Using a Status Report Template to Create Your Next Report

As a project manager one of your tasks will be keeping upper management. Your investors up to date on the progress of the project you are working on. The most common way of doing this is to Using a Status Report template to provide them with a clear picture of where the project is in a timely fashion.

The frequency of these:

Reports is usually decidat the outset of the project and they must filon time in order for any changes. In the way things are done to made. Most managers are familiar with the concept even if they have never filthis type of report before.

The typical status report usto inform upper management of the progress made during the reporting period. This information can help them to make decisions such as whether. More employees are needto speup the project or that it is time to order the materials for the next phase. So that everything continues to run on time. It can also be usto show where there are problems. What the possible solutions to them might be. Your report needs to highly detailed, yet it must still be concise. So that those who are reading can see at a glance where the project stands.

Your status report should include your current costs and project. Whether or not you are in budget, if there are any variances this is the time to let the investors know about them.

The same applies to the project timeline:

If you are running behind schedule your report needs to show the reasons. Why such as lack of materials or perhaps key employees being sick and unable to work. It should go on to project how the project expected to progress during the next reporting period. Provide enough information that upper management knows where their project is at where it is likely to be in the future.

If you have never had to fill out this type of report you can look online for a status report template. Most companies require that you file your reports in a particular format each time. Simply writing your information on a piece of paper will not do as it makes. It hard to comprehend the information efficiently. Different projects require their own formats and you may want to keep several templates on hand. To make sure you are going to have one that matches the requirements of the project you are in charge of.

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