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Veger Released The Most Awaited Portable PD/QC Power Banks with Built in EU/UK Plugs

When it comes to adopt latest technology, the Veger is far ahead of its competitors.  Being a tech-startup they are on the mission to bring the modern technology at the affordable price, so that more and more people can be benefited. Up until now, when we think about power bank, the bulky and large device came in our mind. But Veger completely change the way we think about the power bank. Whether it’s camping power bank, portable power bank or Wireless power bank; nothing come close to the Veger.

Today we will talk about the latest addition to the Veger family; ACE100 Built-in EU plug power bank. If you are traveling to the Europe at regular time period and always in need of power to attend business meetings, then you must think about the ACE100 power bank. It is carefully design by keeping travelers in the mind.

Why Should I Choose Portable PD/QC Power Banks?

There are two different models of PD/QC 20W 10000mAh power banks; ACE100 and ACE UK. The ACE100 has built-in EU plug, while the ACE UK has the built-in UK plug. It is world’s first power bank having foldable plug, so that you can carry easily wherever you want.

With 218g weight and 10000mAh capacity; the ACE100 and ACEUK are the light weight yet high performance power banks. You can easily charge your iPhone, iPad, Camera and other gadgets.

It is all-in-one power bank with sleek design and strap cables to carry easily. Most importantly, you can charge your device with no extra wall adapter. It comes with two way charging option. That means you can charge it with built-in AC plug in 6 hours, or alternatively use USB C input for fast charging in just 3.5 hours.

No need to carry USB adapter when you carry your ACE100 or ACE UK power bank, as it comes built-in charging plug. The power bank comes with PD/QC fast charging technology, so that you can charge your precious gadgets at Airport and other public places in no time.

Company Details

Well, Veger is not a new brand in this industry. They have been in this business since 2013. Based in New York, Veger is an international brand having corporate offices located in various parts of the world. They are best known for combining the high end technology and unique designs. You must be happy to know that Veger is one of the top 5 major power bank brands in the word.

Company Name: VEGER Power Inc
Contact Person: Anuj Saroch (Global Brand Manager)
Phone: +1 (323) 521-4183
Address:228 PARK AVENUE SOUTH #85556
Country: United States
Website: https://www.vegerpower.com/

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