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Vibrational sound therapy offers touchless healing and relaxation

Self-care might be more important now than ever before, but access to therapy, including touch therapy, isn’t always available or even desired during pandemic times touchless healing.


“A practitioner engages with their client both physically and aurally,” the VSA website explains.

VST has certain strengths that other therapeutic modalities do not, especially for clients with trauma, PTSD or anxiety

Kaplan says the practice of VST is comparable to a sound bath and offers similar healing properties. “The vibration throughout the body and the rhythmic sound creates a sense of relaxation.”


Vibrational sound therapy offers touchless healing and relaxation “That terminology didn’t come about until the ’80s, when crystal bowls came along,” she says.


The experience is different for each individual, Kaplan explains, but there are broad benefits to VST. It’s very relaxing, but beyond that, everyone has a very subjective reaction. There are people who get energized, people who get sleepy, people who feel they’ve had a whole body massage or [experience] a release where they start crying. It’s choose-your-own-adventure.”


In addition, Kaplan says, VST can be beneficial for people who find meditation difficult. “If you can’t shut off your brain, VST allows you to focus on the rhythmic pulsing of the bowls, so it pushes you [into a meditative state]. It’s a really nice meditation tool if you can’t meditate.”

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