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Voodoo Magical Ingredients and Relics and What They Represent

In any art, even voodoo lost love spells; there are special things that voodoo spellcasters use for the voodoo to make someone love you spells. And each spellcaster is different from the next in that Spellcaster Maxim, for instance, has his own collection of materials he uses. Check out his website at https://spellshelp.com/Spellsbook/Love-spells/voodoo-love-magic-is-the-best-way-to-attract-love- and learn everything to do with voodoo love spells that work immediately, among many others you may need.

This piece will cover all the relics and ingredients that are employed in the best voodoo love spells by the best of the best. With that, let’s get started.

Why Are Magic relics and Why are They Used?

Magical relics, at a glance, are pretty basic elements that you may or may not find laying around in a typical home. Some are ordinary items like spoons, forks, and basins, while others may be special items like voodoo dolls and other unfamiliar items that only the spellcaster knows about.

The main difference between a normal spoon and an enchanted spoon is that the latter has some magic attached to it to cater to a specific purpose.

This means that other ordinary items that you use at home may be enchanted for a spell using voodoo to make someone fall in love.

Next, we highlight why these ingredients are used for voodoo spells like voodoo spells to get your ex back and the rest.

The Significance Of These Mystical Substances

They represent the target

The first reason is self-evident: the spellcaster requires a place to funnel the spells’ power to restore love, bring fortune, or protection. Because most voodoo spells to get ex back are designed to target a single person, they can’t be fully effective without the correct materials.

The voodoo doll love spells will send out a powerful energy wave in all dimensions. And because they send out energy further and more comprehensively to reach the target, you desire, more powerful voodoo love spells require more magical materials. Consider these spells as though you were tossing a stone into a pool of water. If you throw one small object into the water, it will sink fast and barely produce a splash. What if you instead threw a boulder or a vehicle into the water? You’reYou’re going to make a big splash!

The water symbolizes your partner in these voodoo spells to make him come back example – they are your goal – and your love spells reflect your emotions for them.

Some substances have the effect of speeding up the spell.

Some of the magical components used by spellcasters are vital since they aid in the strengthening of the voodoo love spell used to bring back your ex-lover or your husband or wife, respectively. The more difficult it is to obtain the component, the faster the spell’s potency is increased.

On that note, here is a list of some types of relics employed for both complex and simple voodoo love spells and any other in the voodoo magic realm.

  • Voodoo ritualistic relics.
  • Voodoo Spirit copies.
  • Voodoo transferring relics.
  • Voodoo protection charms.
  • Voodoo lucky charms.

Where The Power To Make These Relics Strong Comes From


When any spellcaster, including Maxim, mastered how to do voodoo to make someone love you and other spells using voodoo magic, they first had to grasp the ingredients and items to use during the rituals.

Voodoo magic employs the fostering of the connection with spirits, usually called the Loas. Loas are in various forms, and they all have different roles to play in the magical wild. For example, can you find Loas that are best for love spells, while others play the role of revenge spirits to their best? And this is to also introduces another fact that spirits are split into two: good and evil.

Just like life has a good time and the bad times, the loas called upon for voodoo doll magic for love have both aspects. To explain this further, take a look at this scenario:

Let’s say that you have been dating someone for a while. And you decide to use voodoo on love life, and it works. The tethering factors that determine which spirits get called upon are the intentions of the enchanter to the subject.

If you want the subject to be yours by their will and you want nothing but the best for them, then the good and helpful spirits will be called upon. They will then bless that union and ensure that it is a happy union filled with love, understanding, and abundance.

On the flip side, when you want to have them regardless of their wish, perhaps by force, then the dark spirits will be the ones the spellcaster will summon. The result of such a union is one of an enslaved person and an enslaver. One person will be in full command of the other. What’sWhat’s worse is that the subject will have zero willpower to resist the spell. And so, these are some of the most powerful voodoo love spells that really work.

Voodoo Magic Relics: The Types, Uses, and Significance

Circling back to voodoo relics, these are the items used during the rituals that have been endowed by either power by the good-spirited Loas for good, or the evil-spirited Loas for the bad and evil missions. All in all, here are some of the items used during voodoo magic rituals:



Voodoo candle spells are fundamental in all these magic disciplines, and so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find them under voodoo items that Maxim would use for a voodoo binding love spell. Now, depending on the type of spell, the colors of the candles will differ.

In general, the brightly colored ones are mostly used for well-intentioned spells like happy voodoo binding love spells. The darker-colored candles could be used for revenge spells, and even death-wishing spells. But that categorization is far more complex than just dark and bright colors. Other things that may influence the use of a certain colored candle in voodoo love binding spells, may also be based on the day of the week, the position of the moon, the chakras, and so much more.

Aspects of the human psyche are affected differently by different hues because different colors have distinct frequencies. Our cognitive power can be enhanced by harnessing the benefits of these effects.

Similarly, some candles used for voodoo love may be fragrant, and the diverse aromas can have a different effect on a person’s mood and moods. Because of this, practitioners can utilize a variety of candle smells and colors to produce a variety of effects for their customers using candle magic for a ritual to activate a love voodoo doll, a voodoo protection charm, or a voodoo good luck charm.

Following the science of candle magic, particular colors of candles may be used on particular days of the week because these hues are also related to the different planets. Below is a list of the various candle colors for the week:

  • Gold or yellow candles on Sundays.
  • Silver, grey, or white on Monday
  • Red is the color of the day Tuesday
  • Purple for Wednesday
  • Blue for Thursday
  • Green for Friday.
  • Black or purple for Saturday.

To further explain the significance of candles, you will also find that some also serve a certain purpose, like healing. And again, the colors differ on the kind of ailment being sorted out. For example:

  • For allergies and colds, violet candles may be used.
  • For anxiety, rose candles are best.
  • For depression, the best colors are rose, indigo, or orange.
  • For indigestion and other gut issues like Diabetes, yellow candles are used.
  • For insomnia and fever, blue candles are the best.
  • To heal head injuries, headaches, and migraines, green and blue candles are used.

And it gets better when it comes to voodoo to make someone fall in love with you using candles but here is a brief list that shows what color means what:

  • Rose and pink candles evoke feelings of positive self-love, compassion, harmony, and happiness.
  • Green candles are associated with wealth, reproduction, fortune, prosperity, health, and achievement.
  • Yellow candles represent realizing and manifesting thoughts, confidence, putting plans into action, creativity, intelligence, mental clarity, and clairvoyance. They are associated with the color yellow.
  • Orange candles represent joy, vitality, knowledge, strength, attraction, and stimulation.
  • Candles in red or deep ruby denomination: Passion, lust, vigor, love, relationships, sexuality, vitality, and courage.
  • White candles symbolize the destruction of negative energy, as well as peace, truth, and pureness.
  • Lavender candles are associated with intuition, the supernatural, tranquility, and recovery.
  • Using purple candles can help you gain spiritual awareness, knowledge, and peace.
  • Mindfulness, cleansing, forgiveness, creativity, loyalty, joy, and the opening of lines of communication are all represented by blue and deep blue candles.



Yet another major ingredient used in real voodoo love spells are plants, also called Flora biologically. Plants are fundamental because they possess raw power that can be harnessed for the making of voodoo charms and talismans.

As a matter of fact, there are several publications that attest that plants do have a supernatural power that magic seeks to use. Plant parts also have very distinct meanings that also reflects magic. Some are:

  • Roots for grounding or gaining stability.
  • Flowers for blooming or becoming better.
  • Fruits for good results and good fortune.
  • Leaves for structure.

These plants entail herbs, spices, and flowering flora are some of the kinds used. Sometimes, even succulents may be used, but that depends on the style of magic used plus the spellcaster’s style.

Here are some of the crops that are believed to be powerhouses that can be used in a voodoo lucky charm or a voodoo doll spell for love.

Poppy also: Papaver somniferum

Demeter was the goddess of agriculture, the cycles, and the harvest in Greek mythology, and she taught mortals how to plant crops like wheat. Persephone is kidnapped by Hades, the Greek god of the Underworld, in the well-known story of Demeter and her daughter Persephone. The god Morpheus gave Demeter the poppy plant to help her cope with her grief and anguish. Demeter and her child Persephone were both at the heart of the Eleusinian Mysteries, an ancient ritual.

The two gods were thought to have medical experience and abilities for curing ailments in women and children, according to their devotees. Because of this, powerful voodoo love spells with a healing effect like mending a broken relationship may use this plant.


Sage is utilized in medieval voodoo protection charms in cleansing rites when dried and smeared. It connotes knowledge, luck, and even death. Sage helps inner strength and grief healing.

Egyptians, Persians, and Greeks all utilized sage medicinally. It was used to treat snake bites and improve memory. Sage is being used for its anti-inflammatory effects.

Sage is often used in purification rituals. It purifies the space of negative energy or spirits. Sage can be burned after a family tragedy, moving into a new home, a negative influence in the home, or with the change of the seasons.

Nightshade: Atropa belladonna

Deadly Nightshade is a severely deadly plant whose name is derived from the Greek legendary character Atropos, one of the three destinies tasked with cutting the string of human existence. This plant is pretty lethal and so it is mainly used in voodoo death spells in the making of poisons that can take away a person’s life and make it seem like a typical natural poisoning gone wrong.

The herb was utilized as a toxin in olden history, as well as in anesthetic preparations. The alkaloid atropine, which is derived from the plant, is still used in operations to control saliva production and modulate heart rate. Belladonna, often known as Deadly Nightshade, was allegedly used as a flying balm in witchcraft. Due to its psychedelic qualities, when the plant was soaked in fat and applied topically, it gave the impression of flying or spiritual projection.

In small quantities, it can be pretty safe and used by some spellcasters that want to get a faster trip to the spirit world. A tinge more may turn fatal and even kill the caster. For Haitian voodoo spell casters or voodoo spell casters in New Orleans, one had to be very experienced to try to use the deadly nightshade.



The Enchanter’s plant, Vervain Verbena Officinalis, has a long history of use in magical and spiritual rituals, dating back to the ancient civilizations of Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans, as well as the Celtic Druids. Vervain’s main job was to protect believers from bad spells and negative energy, as well as to purify sacred sites including altars, ceremonial tools, temples, and private homes.

So much so, they are potent to be used by Haitian, Lousiana, or voodoo spell casters in London to make a Shaman voodoo charm, a voodoo charm bracelet, a voodoo protection charms, and voodoo good luck charms in general.

Henbane : Hyoscyamus niger

Henbane’s leaves are a wellspring of atropine, hyoscyamine, scopolamine, and hyoscine compounds that act on the central nervous system. This plant was employed in anesthesia by the stone Age Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. And because it was one of the ingredients in making flying ointment in the Middle Ages, the shrub was linked with witchcraft.

Just like Nightshade, Henbane is not to be taken lightly; if consumed, it can result in death due to lung and cardiac failure. And so, spellcasters of this age and the past one may use it to make a poisonous paste, powder, or liquid that will take one out through voodoo death spell rituals. The death will most times appear like a typical heart attack.


Lavender in online voodoo spells is used to fend off bad spirits, induce peace, and purify.  In the past, lavender improved wounds and burns when administered internally. Pharaohs used lavender in mummification and as a perfume. In current times, lavender is utilized for a variety of diseases including anxiety and tension during voodoo spells online.

The plant’s ashes can be strewn around the home to provide serenity, harmony, and purification. The blooms are also used to treat sadness and promote restful sleep. Dry lavender is often used to ward off evil spirits.

Lady’s Mantle: Alchemilla Mollis; Alchemilla xanthochromia

People believed that the crystalline beads of liquid that developed overnight on Alchemilla’s pleated leaflets were endowed with magical energy and were utilized to construct the Philosopher’s Stone during the Middle Ages. Alchemists thought the Stone had the power to turn metal into gold, cure all ailments, and extend life. So much so that modern magic may use this for voodoo love spells to lengthen the life of a union. It may also be used for a voodoo ritual to bring forth the longevity of a person’s life and success.

Monkshood, Aconite: Aconitum nepellus

Aconite was created from the corrosive saliva of Cerberus, the three-headed monster hound that defended the hell’s gate, and was associated with the great goddess Hekate in Greek folklore. It was originally listed as one among the ingredients in witches’ flying topical creams, but due to its lethal toxicity, this use has been doubted. It was originally used to kill both wolves and people, and it is among the most poisonous plants from the ancient Kingdoms. Yet again, this plant may be used for voodoo death spells.


Blackthorn is a witch’s tree. Someone with a blackthorn walking staff was thought of being a witch until the 1940s. Any pregnant woman or animal who was pointed by a blackthorn staff would lose their baby or harvests. Contrarily, numerous places use blackthorn staffs as a mark of municipal office. They can also be used as voodoo wealth spell plants or to cause death.


This herb is claimed to help with divination and psychic dreams. It is said to be protective hence usable for voodoo protection charms or voodoo spells to get rid of someone.

It is said to be protective hence usable for voodoo protection charms or voodoo spells to get rid of someone. Mugwort is a folk remedy for wounds, tiredness, and toxins. The Romans wore this herb on their shoes to prevent tiredness.

Mugwort is used in modern voodoo magic for clairvoyant visions and prophecy. Induces lucid dreaming and cosmic travel. Mugwort is supposed to aid with confronting hard truths.  Regular menstruation and digestion of fatty foods are among their non-magical qualities.  Mugwort can be burnt or administered topically. It’s in fortune-telling incense and psychic tea that spellcasters all over the world use it. Even for voodoo spells in the USA.


This is yet another ingredient that spellcasters use on quick voodoo spells. Mint is frequently utilized in voodoo casting spell magical rites to draw money, love, keep evil at bay and improve overall health. It can be administered topically to soothe aching and weary muscles.

Mint tea can provide you best of luck and security all day. The plant is also used to protect against evil witchcraft, nightmares, and night ghosts by placing it under a pillow. Keep it fresh and near your work desk for financial success. Mint is often used to ward off negative energy while unwell.


It is utilized for voodoo love spells, voodoo protection charms, and as an aphrodisiac. It was used for purifying and cleansing rituals in the past. Rosemary can help you remember things. Rosemary oil promotes circulation and eases aches and pains.

Prior to performing magic, rosemary was used to cleanse a room or ritual place. Rosemary in a soak or beverage can help relieve anxiety while energizing and purifying the soul. Wives kept a rosemary sachet on the front door to ensure a devoted husband. It is frequently utilized in powerful voodoo love spells to fight fidelity and jealousy. To encourage tranquil sleep and avoid nightmares, rosemary is placed under the pillow similar to lavender.


By fauna, we mean anything related to animals, the animal itself or part of it: alive or dead. Voodoo magic for love, especially black magic voodoo love spells, that require blood sacrifices utilize animals and animal parts.

Here are some of the animals and animal parts used in voodoo black magic for love, fame, protection, and luck.


Voodoo magic for love or any spell voodoo black magic could employ the use of chickens. Being the most domestic bird available to humans, they are the closest animal that is used for blood sacrifices. One chicken’s life is usually the symbolic life of the target.

For instance, in voodoo spells black magic is meant to bring fame, the subject will have to be killed first and another version of them is reborn. The death of a chicken is symbolic for this purpose. When the fowl dies, the version of that target’s life is gone, and another is reborn which brings with it abundance in fame and fortune.

The death of the chicken for such voodoo doll black magic is very strict in that the spellcaster might ask for a hen or a cock that looks a certain way. They might ask that the feathers be entirely white, a certain age, and even sometimes the weight.


Voodoo magic for love may also request the client to bring in some feathers from certain birds. The color of the feather is also pretty significant as just like candle colors or flower petals requested, they each have a different goal when it comes to voodoo love magic.

In many civilizations, feathers have always been used as a symbol of a link to the metaphysical realms and to deity, and this hasn’t changed even when it comes to voodoo love spells that work. As a result of their association with birds, they have long been considered a sign of flight and independence, not just in a physical way, but also in the moral and psychological sense, and a voodoo love spell caster would use it to make you become free if you are feeling trapped.

Voodoo love rituals using feathers can be used to free you from an abusive relationship, job, or even when you want to free someone from captivity.


Voodoo love spell casters may also ask for domestic animal bones or even wild animal bones depending on the ritual you have requested. Regardless, bones used during these voodoo rituals are not new at all. As a matter of fact, ancient civilizations like Athens used to dismember a chicken and place its bones in a jar and use it to curse their enemies. These magical spells are used to make people win battles, community disagreements, and even lawsuits.

In this same category, when a spellcaster is to do voodoo love spells really work, they may ask for a target’s nails or tooth which have quite similar chemistry to bones.

Musical instruments

How to cast voodoo love spells in the past and today have major changes such as the placement of alters plus the spellcaster’s dressing. On the latter, old, spellcasters in the old times had distinct dressings, but today, you might find Spellcaster Maxim is normal clothing that anyone wears. The use of music is one of the things that has been constant throughout.

Music has a rare ability to invoke a feeling, similar to colors and aromas. And some spellcasters utilize musical instruments like guitars, pianos, and wind instruments to welcome the spirits into the space. Since we stated that Loas in voodoo magic had distinct roles, they also have various likes. So much so that you find some Loas enticed to musical tunes.

But before you get to the numerous Loas, you first have to please their boss called Legba. Without Legba’s approval, you do not get to communicate with any Loa. This spirit is the most powerful and essentially the gatekeeper. It is the most powerful spirit that will give the spellcaster the permission to seek a Loa to help with a  spell using voodoo to bring a lover back or voodoo spells to get a lover back. Music may help the spellcaster get to Legba and get the permission he needs to cast the spell with the help of a willing spirit.

Human Parts and Personal Items

Last but not least, Maxim, like other Haitian, American, or even African spellcasters may request some human parts. Now, these requests may be something small like getting someone’s hair, to extremes like getting their blood. All in all, the request in voodoo spell casting will depend on the spell caster and how powerful you would wish to get the voodoo spells to really work fast for you.

Common human parts used to cast a voodoo spell are nail clippings, hair strands, skin, teeth, and extremists will demand blood. These items are believed to be powerful voodoo spells that really work and are fundamental for voodoo love spells using hair since they have the exact DNA that represents the target.

On the personal items, Maxim may ask you to bring pictures and clothes. These are also perfect to use for voodoo love spells using pictures since they are very specific to the target.

Earth, Precious Stones, And Crystals

Some stones from specific places may also be very helpful when it comes to voodoo spells that work fast. These help the spellcaster fasten the spell to work since they emulate the energy present in that space.

A great example of real voodoo spells using earth items like soil and stone is if you would like to use a voodoo spell to bring a lover back. In this case, you would go back to the place you met this person or a place that you share a happy moment perhaps a wedding venue and pick up a stone or soil from that place.

Still on voodoo spell to bring back a lover, the spellcaster may use a precious stone like a ruby or a crystal like the rose quartz to attract them to you. Since thete are many kinds of crystals that have differebt purposes, you may essentailly use all of them for different purposes like in voodoo spells return lover, voodoo spells to make someone love you, a voodoo protection charm, so on and so forth. Essentially anything you would want to do with voodoo magic spell, you can use earth, precious stones, and crystals.

How Voodoo Ingredients and Relics Are Used

To Make Magical Pastes, Portions, And Powders

Each item that we have discussed above may be used to make pastes, portions, and powders that one may use on voodoo spells for love that work. These items are usually crushed first into powder and mixed with other powders. Some spellcasters have special pestle and mortars they use, while others may want you to do it yourself during the ritual.

The powders may be used as they are to blow over surfaces, homes and even food to become effective for voodoo spells really work.

This powder might be mixed with a liquid like water or urine for voodoo spells with urine. Sometimes blood might also be used as a mixing agent. These pastes are mixed with foods, applied topically, or ingested with a drink.

Portions are usually oils and perfumes that people may use to enchant someone. They might be sprayed directly to the target for voodoo spells to control someone. Once the target inhales the particles of the perfume or oil, they fall madly in love with you, or you get to fully control them in the case of a spell voodoo black magic.

Making powders and pastes are relatively easy and can be done in one session by even a beginner spellcaster since they can easily refer to a book. But when it comes to how to do voodoo love spells with oils and portions, one will have to be a master of chemistry since the sizes of things to add and using heat and anything involved is time-consuming.

To Make The Voodoo Doll

The items above can also be used in the making of the voodoo doll. The voodoo doll is essentially a small figurine that resembles a typical doll, but it acts as a spirit copy of the target.

To get the best voodoo doll, the most important items on the above list are the items that have been collected that belong to the target. These are the nail clippings, the teeth, the clothes, and the hair strands. The spell caster will enchant each item before attaching it to the doll during a voodoo spell to control someone.

Once they are done, they include pins where they prick the doll as they do the voodoo spell casting. Whatever they want the target to do, the person will feel it is some mystical way and be compelled and do as the spell spoke about.

To Build An Altar

How to bring back a lover through voodoo will need an altar or shrine. Shrines are like a spiritual pedestal where the spellcaster and the client offer their humility and respect to show the spirits that they are willing to go through with everything they require.

The alter is fundamental as it keeps the spirit pleased. So much so, the shrine will contain nice things that the spirit will request. Back then, a voodoo spell to make someone fall in love with your shrine would contain fruit and vegetable harvest and nice essential oils, and even animals dead or alive. But today, the shrines may mainly have money or plant parts like flowers and fruits.

Alters are a place that the client will visit to thank the gods and spirits to thank then for putting voodoo on someone to fall in love or simply requesting new things they would want the spirits to help them with again.

Shrines in the olden days would be situated in the forests and holy ground, but today, due to civilizations and restrictions when it comes to forests and what you can put and build there, people now have shrines in their houses in the pantry, basement, attics, and even closets. Since a shrine should not be tampered with, no one should locate it. Meaning that if you have it in your basement on voodoo spells to make someone love you, you will have to keep it locked if you are not in there learning how to put a voodoo love spell on someone or actually carrying out a spell using voodoo to make a man love you.

To Make Magical Jewelry, Talisman, and Bracelets

Whether you would like to protect yourself, your loved ones, seem more attractive, or simply attract some good fortune your way, some of these items can be used to make magical items. These pieces you may wear each day, have it with you inside your bag or have it in your home.

Voodoo lucky charms can first be in the form of jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, and rings infused with these enchanted items. The powders crushed may be mixed with the metals used to smelt the pieces so that when the metal solidifies, the powder is part of the jewelry. In this case, you may give this piece to the target as a present and have them bound to you for life.

Crystals and precious stones may be used as part of rings and bracelets.

You may also make protection or lucky charms with a bohemian aesthetic using feathers, bones, and even animal skin. Real voodoo charms in thi form can be worn or sewn in clothes or hung in the home.

Bigger voodoo luck charms like bones and the voodoo doll may be placed discretely inside the household where the target lives.

Bottom line

Voodoo magic can be used for love, fame, power, luck, and even protection. And to strengthen these spells, spellcasters like Maxim suggest the use of ingredients and relics to make these voodoo spells stronger and so they are essentially voodoo magic spells using ingredients. However, if you check Maxim spellcaster’s site at spellshelp.com , you will find a couple of more spells that you may use even voodoo spells without ingredients. All in all, now you know why relics and ingredients are used for voodoo, so when Maxim asks you to get something, you have an idea of what it represents and how it could be used.

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