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Ways to Improve User Experience When Designing a Website

Internet users need to have an excellent experience when browsing the web. It’s one of the reasons why they decide to patronize a brand. If they have a terrible time navigating a page, they might close the tab and look for other options. In 2021, the user experience will become even more significant. Countless statistics reveal that a poor user experience can lead to a decrease in conversion rate. Here are some ways to improve the user experience when designing a website.

Maximize White Space

There was a time when people worried about using white space. It indicated a lack of content. However, white space provides an opportunity for users to rest when browsing the website. Therefore, it’s important to have white space. It also highlights some elements of the website. For instance, the call to action button shouldn’t have anything surrounding it. It redirects users to the button.

Optimize Page Speed

Most people aren’t patient enough and might decide to close the website if it doesn’t load quickly. It’s also true for mobile device users. Therefore, it’s vital to optimize loading speed. There might be a need to change the host or remove some elements of the website if it doesn’t load quickly.

Use Images Wisely

Images are key in designing a website. Not everyone has enough time to go through long articles. Some people will decide to look at pictures and understand the information. If these pictures are relatable, most people will take the next step. Otherwise, it creates an impression that the business doesn’t understand the target audiences well. Stock photos are a big no. No one wants to see them anymore. While there is no legal issue in using them, everyone else might use the same pictures. The target audience won’t feel enticed to buy the product because of these generic images.

Remove Broken Links

Imagine browsing a website and clicking on a link that you think is beneficial for you. When you click on it, you realize that it’s a broken link. Users don’t like seeing broken links, and they require immediate removal. Broken links may also hurt the search engine optimization efforts. Google dislikes broken links. It’s important to replace them as soon as possible.

Use videos

Again, not everyone has enough time to go through long articles when navigating a website. Some people would rather watch videos that will last for only a few minutes. They might be short, but they contain enough information. Some videos are also fun and entertaining. Therefore, using them can help attract more people. Some videos even go viral and help the business become a huge success overnight.

Online advertisers have to consider user experience in designing a website. Some changes might need to happen to satisfy the target audience. The good thing is that web design Oxford experts understand the web design rules. They also know the importance of user experience and will find a way to give what the people deserve.

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