Web Design London | During the 2021 pandemic

Since the covid pandemic, many businesses have realised that an online presence is very important for any business or industry.

Technology is becoming more apparent and useful every year, with great strides changing the way business get customers, track invoices, stock manage and many more.

Website designers like Westminster Web Design London, have been moving many businesses to this online way of working, without over complicating the process.

Why Choose Website designers based in London? 

You may think that because of the location (London) that web design packages would be more expensive within the city, which is slightly correct.

However, Westminster Web Design London deliberately prices their website designer packages at a lower cost than its competition agencies. The reason for this is because we value customer relationships further than most. Knowing that we will work on a valuable relationship is better than a quick sale.

What are the benefits of a website revamp in 2021

Not only is a website the central hub for any business, where social media points, all business information is kept and the main support of the business for contact. It gives people the trust on whether they should choose to work with you.

Website design should be based around the mobile in 2021, with a whopping 70% and increasing amount of google searches only being through a mobile device. 

If your website is not designed to work on a mobile, your chances of users taking action (calling, filling out a contact form or emailing),  when landing on your website are slim. 

It is best to keep up to date with the latest trends.

What is a video based website?

Video has a phenomenal effect on what users do when they land on a website that has a video integrated into it. Infact, from our own testing at Westminster Web Design London, we have seen a 40% increase in natural incoming leads per website. 

We include a video in most of our website proposals and quotes, free of charge. 

Where is Westminster Web Design London Located?

Westminster Web Design London is a web design agency based in central London. 

With many partners within the web design space, we have created over 1000+ websites within London alone. Our London office is based at 24 John Islip Street, Westminster. SW1P 4LQ

What we provide to London and surrounding areas

Our core work is; Website Design, Website Development, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Logo Design, Website Performance Tests, Adwords Campaigns and many more.

With over 30+ Google reviews, 10+ Facebook Reviews we are slowly becoming one of the leading web design agencies in London. Westminster Web Design London main goal is to provide an experience with its users that is easy and not over complicated. As we understand that IT is confusing.

Our expert web designers, developers and graphic designers work 24/7, 365 days a year.

WWD try to assist the local community as much as possible with website advice and work with many charities to give back as much as possible.

Want to excel your business overnight?

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