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What Accounts for the Popularity of Electric Vehicles?

Electric vehicles have been rising in popularity since the year 2019. So much so that prominent car manufacturers like Volvo have declared that each one of their cars will now consist of an electric motor. Already, the U.K government has announced that by 2040 it wants to see its roads devoid of diesel and petrol cars. Electric vehicles come across as the perfect option to replace traditional cars.

EV charging solutions is coming up in a diverse array, from high-quality AC wall boxes to novel on-demand charging systems for an electric bus. Electric cars offer a viable mode of transport that can be used on a daily basis. Apart from being environmentally friendly, they offer many more benefits. Let’s find out more about them.

Benefits of an Electric Vehicle

1. No harmful emissions

It is one of the major reasons why electric vehicles are so popular. If you want to reduce your impact on the environment through the medium of transport then an electric vehicle will prove to be the right choice for you. The electric engine in the EV works on a closed circuit. It makes electric cars not release any gases that contribute to global warming. There is no requirement for diesel or petrol, thus it reduces your carbon footprint. An EV charger installation at home that runs on renewable energy will reduce your personal impact on the environment even more.

2. No running costs

As mentioned before, an electric vehicle does not need any petrol or diesel. It means that your petrol and diesel cost is eliminated from the picture. You can save a lot of money through it. Depending upon the model of electric vehicle you have and your tariff, to charge an electric vehicle can cost as little as 96 p.

3. Benefit of government funding

Electric cars can greatly take advantage of government grants with regards to the installation of their charging point either at work or at home. The government is providing grants of up to euro 350 for the expenses that you may incur by installing a charging point in your home. With regards to businesses, the government is extending support to them for installing charging points at the workplace through the Workplace Charging Scheme.

4. Better performance

In the past, EVs didn’t perform so well. It led to doubts about their performance and whether they could impart an equal or better performance as compared to a traditional car. However, this situation has radically changed in recent years.

EVs are lightweight because their entire power is produced from a standing start. Brands like Tesla are doing a great job to change people’s conventional view of electric vehicles.

5. Ease of maintenance

Cars that run on fuel need costly engine maintenance throughout the course of their use. It is not the case with electric vehicles. It is because a conventional engine has numerous moving parts which have a tendency to go wrong. An electric motor, on the other hand, has less than twenty such parts.

How an Electric Car Fares over a Fuel Run Car

There are three benefits to the driving performance of an electric car over that of an internal combustion engine or ICE vehicle.

  • The instant torque produced from the electric motor provides a higher and responsive acceleration.
  • The regenerative braking upon easing off the accelerator provides energy to the battery which enhances its efficiency.
  • The distribution and weight of the batteries and low centre of gravity provide advantages of comfort, safety, and handling. Driving an electric vehicle will make you less vulnerable to being severely injured.

Electric vehicles are a great option especially today when the need to protect the environment has risen. Apart from that, numerous innovations that are being made in this sphere guarantees that the day is not far when they will be adopted by a majority of people.

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