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What are the benefits of using a custom font?

The most important thing that makes your website look beautiful is the text you are writing. This is a very important part of your website and what you need is to make your website look unique and different from others. This can be done in different ways, but the most important way is to use customized fonts for your website, which will add an element to your website to attract visitors, and this extra effort will be worth it. We will discuss in detail why we should use customized fonts for our websites. 

What are customize fonts?

There are many fonts in documents that are by default. Most people use these fonts on their websites which is fine. But if you want your website to look different, you should use customized fonts. customize fonts like serif fonts are something you can make or buy from websites that are different and unique from ordinary ones and will make your webpage look smarter and prettier.

In 2021, we’ll undoubtedly see the rise of several email marketing trends. The rising use of bespoke typography in email is one of the trends to keep an eye on. Using beautiful, eye-catching fonts that attract the user’s attention to the major message of your email is known as custom typography. Using these artistic typefaces will improve the aesthetic appeal of your emails, which will increase user engagement.

Benefits of using custom fonts

Following are some of the really important benefits of using custom fonts:

Custom fonts are unique

If you are an owner of a website or doing a presentation or anything that includes text in it. You should be playful with your text to look smart and unique. Imagine you are giving a presentation in a class of fifty students. Everyone used the same boring fonts in their presentation, but you are the one who uses unique fonts in your work that will help everyone to understand more and make your presentation look more attractive and appealing. Texts according to the topic’s nature will help you gain more marks and more appreciation in the class.

They are an identity of your brand

If a company were a person, its unique font would be the tone of its voice. The sound of that person’s voice will amplify any concept they have communicated. We want our brands to be recognizable in every element of their communication. And in terms of copy lines, mailings, and interface buttons, what is the most regularly used brand element? They wrote it. What is the composition of the text? When grouped with other letters with comparable qualities, we refer to letters as fonts or typefaces.

How plenty of well-brand designs can you think of that are just text? Many organizations choose images (Nike, Instagram, and so on), while others choose a distinctive text emblem. The quick rise of Pinterest on Facebook and Twitter has been controversial this year. Pinterest was known for its enormous ‘P,’ which can be found in various designs, both as part of the business name and on its own – this is a wonderful marketing approach!

Ordinary fonts are boring

Standard system fonts aren’t required in most brand standards. It might be disheartening to see your carefully built brand suffer due to having to use system fonts rather than the custom fonts that brand experts so carefully selected. Some may think this is insignificant, but to borrow an example from another design piece, I wrote: In some ways, the design components of your brand are similar to your clothing. There’s a big difference between a well-tailored suit and just one you picked up on the cheap.

Custom fonts will stand out in the crowd

We are drawn to everything that catches the eye as humans. This also applies to email typography. When employing beautiful typography, the most important thing to remember is to keep it consistent across your users’ devices and mail clients. We are all aware that firms employ distinctive typefaces in their logos to set themselves out from the competition. Custom typefaces in the email are the same way. Your font should always reflect who you are or what you’re trying to express. It’s pointless to have beautiful text that doesn’t render. To ensure that your email message templates or website fonts render correctly, you’ll need to test them.

You can communicate with people of different moods

Another advantage is that when you have complete control over the fonts, you can communicate your mood much more effectively. For example, there are a variety of well-designed palm fonts that convey a playful, adventurous spirit. Many of these have gained a lot of traction in modern design. If you’re stuck with system fonts, though, you won’t be able to use them. This concept applies to practically any mood you’re attempting to communicate. If you can use system fonts, you’re stuck with Centuries Gothic (in my view) if you want to portray refinement. There is, however, a vast universe of high-quality, sophisticated fonts available to you, many of which are free, but they are not system fonts.

Text that stands out

How often do we see the same fonts used repeatedly in advertising and publishing? How many Arial signs could we see when they all blur into one? When you see a company doing something unique with typography these days, you’re more likely to notice.


As part of their brand management, fonts have become increasingly vital to organizations of all sizes. Custom typefaces are more expensive at first and can cost millions. If a company develops fonts in various languages or develops them abroad, it may incur additional copyright fees. One of the simplest ways to establish uniformity is to use bespoke typefaces. You need to have the public know who wrote anything you publish, regardless of where it appears.

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