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What Are The Features of a Zorb Ball and An Airtrack Mat

What Are The Features of a Zorb Ball and An Airtrack Mat

We just know how important sports are. Right from keeping us fit to filling our hearts with joy! These simply make our lives easier and better. If there were no sports or any recreational activity, our lives would have become boring and monotonous. With sports, we are able to recreate ourselves and overcome the mental pressure caused due to our routine lives.

Coming to sports, they are of various types and broadly classified into outdoor and indoor sports. Outdoor sports activities are those which are played outside the premises of a building or your home. While indoor games are those which are played inside the premises of any building or a home. Although outdoor games provide excellent workout options, indoor games are equally good and help in shaping the body most accurately.

Advantages of Playing Outdoor Sports

  • Physical body improvement.
  • Emotional health development.
  • Body movements improve.
  • Strengthening of the muscles.
  • Lower BMI.
  • Increased openness.

It is one of the latest recreational activities that is performed under the guidance and is very safe. Zorbing is classified into two types- harnessed and non-harnessed. Zorbing has a very profound history and the original concept revolves around the hamster wheel model where a rodent is placed inside a ball and not allowed​ to escape.

What are the Features of a Zorb Ball?

  • The Zorb Ball is also called or ball. It is made up of a double ball with an outer diameter of 3m and a diameter of 1.8m.
  • The Zorb Ball is made of PVC or TPU resin that assures the player’s comfort and safety.
  • The safety of the Zorb Ball is pretty assured and reliable. As a result, the participant does not have many physical limitations. Any adult can try it.
  • The Zorb ball is made of flexible & transparent material. When descending, it rises due to the driver’s air cushioning.
  • It consists of two plastic layers, one inner and one outer, between which there is air.

What are the Benefits of Playing Indoor Sports?

  • Indoor sports can be played even when it’s raining.
  • They help in improving hand-eye coordination.
  • They boost development of social skills.
  • Is challenging.
  • Reduce mental stress.

Airtrack Mat- A New Indoor Sport

If your child has Olympic medal ambitions or wants to change their training regimen, Home Gym can help make their fitness goals more consistent. Home exercises can strengthen not only you, but also increase their self-confidence, improve their skills, and strengthen practitioners’ strengths. Investing in an air track mat is the first step to creating a safe exercise environment and your family’s well-being. Among other properties, the excellent safety characteristics of this mat are praised and taken into account.

Characteristics of an Airtrack Mat

  • The biggest benefit of using an air track mat is their higher protection. Unlike foam mattresses, Airtrack mats offer balanced air pressure, being a perfect choice for home workout . The base must be very strong and resilient, as acrobatic exercises and sports make it difficult to land on the surface and increase the impact load.
  • Airtrack Mat is very versatile. Since the air pressure can be maintained inside the Airtrack Mat, these are excellent and the first choice for customizing according to your needs.
  • Air track mats are inflatable and very easy to store, folded after the workout session.
  • Airtrack mat maintenance is very easy. After the workout, one can simply wipe it with a clean & damp cloth piece. Sometimes it needs to be cleaned with a disinfectant spray to remove bacteria and other pathogens.
  • Standard Airtracks are 3-6 feet wide and 6-20 feet long. This makes it an ideal choice for large spaces requiring activities. The 10ft airtrack mat is unarguably the most popular size for sports activities. Standard Airtracks are 4-6 inches thick.

Where Can You Buy The Best Quality Zorb Ball and Airtrack Mat?

If you want to shop for an Airtrack Mat, do so on Kemeymall, the largest and best eCommerce platform where you can buy AirTrackmats. Kameymall specializes in supplying the most durable and very soft airtrack mats. Featuring the latest technology, foam cushions are ideal for large rooms with lots of space, but for home, workouts with an inflatable mat are the key to transforming any workout or sport.

Even if you are looking forward to buying a Zorb ball, you should consider getting it from Kameymall, which is the best online site to buy a high-quality Zorb Ball.

So now we can assume that you probably are accustomed to the best site for buying a zorb ball and an airtrack. There is one more thing that you should keep in mind is that before setting out to buy the mentioned things, you must read about their features and then decide to buy the best. This will prevent you from buying an average quality product.

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