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Bathroom Vanity

What Are the Things to Consider When Buying a Bathroom Vanity?

At first glance, vanities look so simple that you can safely put them in any bathroom. But there is more to a bathroom vanity or bathroom accessories than just a hip-chic material and stylish design. Because as you will see, each model has unique features that help make it a perfect choice for every bathroom. 

A washroom vanity is a piece of furniture that typically combines a sink and countertop with storage for items such as toiletries and linens. They are usually used in bathrooms to provide both a functional and decorative element. They can be freestanding or built-in and come in various styles, materials, and sizes. Likewise, there are many options to choose from, which can make your selection process daunting. So to give you ease, here are a few things you must consider when shopping for a vanity:

Vanity Top Material

Getting the right material for the vanity top is essential, as it should be durable, easy to clean and resistant to stains and splashes. So, laminate woodwork will do the trick if you want something cheaper but still look good! Besides, marble is ideal for bathrooms because it’s easy to maintain and looks chic, while stones such as granite or quartz can also work well if you have a more modern design aesthetic.

If you’re looking for something that suits your budget, then steel may be an option for you. It’s often used on commercial-grade products like kitchen sinks or dishwashers, so there’s no need for additional maintenance costs down the line, either!

Basin/Sink Type

The basin/sink type is the most important aspect when buying a washroom vanity. It affects the overall look of your bathroom and how much space you’ll have (and, therefore, how much money you’ll spend).

Basins are usually smaller than sinks, but if you choose one that’s too small, it will take up more space on your wall than necessary. Sinks can also be too big if they’re too deep. They might look good when viewed from above but not so great from below! If this happens, there won’t be enough room for other things like shelves or cabinets.

Fit and Finish of the Hardware

When selecting your washroom vanity, you should look for a product with good-quality hardware. You don’t want to have any issues with the finish of your countertop or drawers, which could result in stains or scratches. The hardware should also be easy to use and operate, as well as easy to clean and maintain. Finally, you’ll want this in an attractive package that makes your space look great!

When buying new cabinets for your washroom vanity, make sure they are made from high-quality materials such as metal or wood veneer (not composite). The best thing about these products is that they never fade away over time as laminate does; instead, they will remain nice-looking forever! 

Placement of Hardware at the Installation Stage

It’s important to note that the placement of hardware is something you should discuss with your contractor at the installation time. And if you’re going to have a custom vanity, for example, then it may be best for them to install the hinges on one side and the drawer pulls on another so that there is space between them—this way, they won’t conflict with each other when opened or closed.

So when choosing where to put your hardware, consider how much room there is around each piece and whether or not any additional holes need drilling into walls or ceilings (if so). Also, consider whether these items will block access through doors; this could be problematic if someone needs access during certain times (for instance, laundry day).

That is it! When buying a bathroom vanity or bathroom accessories, you must consider these key things. And by considering the factors mentioned above, you can choose a washroom vanity that meets your needs and enhances your bathroom’s overall look and feel.

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