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What Aryan said in the bail application

What Aryan said in the bail application

The NCB has been releasing new information one after another since the arrest of Shah Rukh’s son Aryan Khan in a drug case. He applied for bail several times but the court did not grant it.

This time Aryan Khan has applied for bail in the high court. There, Shah Rukh’s son Aryan Khan said, he is being framed. The National Drug Control Agency is misinterpreting the WhatsApp chat.

Aryan Khan did not get bail even though he applied for bail in the special court several times. So on Wednesday (October 20) Aryan approached the High Court. His bail hearing is on October 27. According to Arian, the conversation on his WhatsApp was interpreted as ‘wrong and unfair’. Aryan also said that no drugs were found from him at the pleasure boat party.

A total of 20 people have been arrested by the NCB. Aryan claims that he has no acquaintance with anyone except Arbaaz Seth Merchant. He also claimed that there was no conspiracy behind the conversation based on which the NCB is conducting an investigation.

Meanwhile, Bollywood actress Ananya Pandey has been summoned to court. NCB regional director Sameer Okhande interrogated Ananya in the presence of women officers. By law, women cannot be interrogated after sunset. Therefore, on Saturday (October 23) at noon, the NCB will interrogate Ananya again.

It is learned that NCB came to know the name of Sanaya Kapoor during the interrogation of Aryan. So the NCB may also summon Bollywood actress Jahnbi Kapoor’s cousin Sanaya.
It was learned after the question and answer session on Thursday (October 21) that Ananya had promised to supply cannabis to Aryan in a conversation with the NCB. In the conversation, the actress wrote, “I will make arrangements.” However, the NCB said it had not yet received any evidence of cannabis collection or supply against Ananya. Ananya also countered, “He said all those things just for fun.”

On Friday (October 22), Ananya reportedly denied giving marijuana to Aryan. At the same time, he said, he has never used any kind of drugs.

Earlier on Thursday (October 21), the NCB conducted a five-hour search of Ananya’s Bandra house. A team of 6 members confiscated some items from his house.
Tamil actress Nayan Tara. The actress is going to sit in the wedding seat. However, this actress will marry the tree first.

Many people may be thinking that there is a lack of people or that the tree will marry? It is normal to think so. The actress will marry the tree due to religious restrictions. Then her boyfriend will exchange garlands with producer Vignesh Shiva.

Their engagement has recently healed after learning the lesson of long-term love. The wedding will be held in December this year or at the beginning of next year, i.e. 2022.

The southern actress has to observe an exception rule before marriage. Due to a Manglik ritual, he has to marry a tree, an object or any animal first. It is known that Mars is a combination of Mars and its various activities. To end this phase, the heroine has chosen the tree to get married.

According to Indian media, the southern star has already visited several temples with her boyfriend Vignesh Shiva. He wants to get married secretly.

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