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What do you need to buy for a kitten?

What do you need to buy for a kitten?

Are you just planning to buy a kitten? What breed do you like the most? We recommend you to go for Persian cats. But before going to purchase one, you must know the cat price in India. Then this article is for those who have cats or kittens as pets. In it, we will tell you what you need to buy for a kitten so that your life and yours are comfortable and cozy.

1. Feed

Ask the breeder or veterinarian (and it is better to listen to the opinion of both!), then you should feed the kitten. Be sure to ask the breeder what he ate at home. If you decide to change food, you need to do it gradually, so you will need both the usual food for the kitten and a new one.

Stock up on the necessary food or feed so that the new family member always has fresh food. We recommend feeding your cats premium food

2. Bowls

The kitten needs two bowls: for food and for water. The bowls must be stable and the size of the pet. For cats, it is recommended not to use double bowls, but to take only separate ones , since cats do not tend to drink and eat in one place – they may think that the water near the food is not fresh and refuse it completely.

Many cats also enjoy eating and drinking from shallow but wide bowls. Then their sensitive vibrissae touch the edges of the bowl less, and the kitten does not have to dip its muzzle deeply into the bowl to reach the leftover food.

Cats are very clean animals, and many of them do not want to drink from small bowls, because the water there becomes polluted faster. They prefer large “ponds”, and many like running water. If your kitten is one of these finicky cats, drinking fountains are for you.

3. Toilet

Did you know that the number of cat litter boxes recommended by felinologists should be equal to the number of cats in the house +1? Of course, if you have one kitten, he does not need to buy two toilets, but if there are two or more cats in the house, you should have at least 3 toilets.

Which toilet to choose depends on the personal preferences of you and your kitten. In toilets with mesh not necessary to use a filler, toilets with high sides prevent scattering of filler as bio toilets. And the latter also prevents the spread of unpleasant odors thanks to special filters.

4. Filler

Fillers are woody, clumping, absorbent, silica gel. They can also be flavored or unflavored, of various sizes, densities and colors. Find one that will suit both you and your kitten.

Be sure to find out what kind of filler your breeder used, the kitten may at first refuse to go to another!

And do not rush to get upset if you cannot train your kitten to go only to the litter box. Try changing the litter, tray, or location. Perhaps the kitten is trying to explain to you in the ways available to him that he does not like something.
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5. House and scratching post

Cats need to sharpen their claws, so you need to get a kitten, a scratching post or even a whole house! If you teach a kitten to sharpen its claws on a scratching post from childhood, he will not have to spoil your sofas and wallpaper.

Scratching posts are made of different materials – from carpet, jute, fur and even corrugated cardboard, so that every cat can choose something to her liking. Also, scratching posts are often impregnated with catnip and other cat-friendly substances so that you don’t have any problems with learning to use the scratching post.

It is not necessary to limit yourself to a small scratching post, you can purchase a whole game complex for a kitten ! There he can have fun, play, sleep, eat and sharpen his claws.

6. Couches and carrycots

Any animal needs its own place in the house, where it can rest, so that no one interferes with it. Even (especially!) If the kitten has chosen your favorite pillow or slippers for this, you should think about purchasing a bed.

Most cats love closed soft houses or baskets . But there are those who love soft, cozy pillows . And in a special tunnel for cats, the kitten will be able not only to rest, but also to play merrily when he wakes up.

Carrying may be required when visiting a veterinarian, exhibitions, moving or just walking with your pet. It is better to teach the kitten to carry it from childhood, so that later it does not turn out to be a problem and stress for the animal.

7. Toys

What kid doesn’t like to play? Of course, kittens are no exception! But little kittens need games not only to have fun between eating and sleeping. In games, the kitten develops, grows, learns the world, learns to interact with people and other animals.

There are several types of cat toys:

  • Teasers are designed for fun and cooperative play with a kitten. Most often, these toys are equipped with a stick to make it easier for you to play with the cat without getting your hands under its claws.
  • Cat balls often clink, rustle or squeak to make it more interesting for the kitten to play with them. Usually cats play ball alone, but you can teach your kitten how to bring you toys and enjoy the game together!
  • Catnip or fur toys will delight cats with their scent! Even the laziest cat can be stirred up with such a toy. And the little kitten will definitely like it.
  • Clockwork toys are also very popular with cats. Unlike other toys, these move independently, without human help. Apparently, this is what awakens a formidable predator in your little domestic kitten.
  • Various interactive toys will help keep your kitten busy for a long time. They promote physical and mental performance. Develop and entertain a kitten even when you are not at home.

8. Items of care

The cat should not be washed with human shampoo. The specificity of the fur and skin of cats is not taken into account in human shampoos! Buy only specialized cat shampoos for your pet.

When choosing a shampoo, you need to take into account the peculiarities of the kitten’s coat. For example, there are shampoos for white cats, for short-haired or long-haired cats, specifically for hairless cats, and so on. In addition to shampoo, if necessary, you can use conditioners and other cosmetics.

Most cats do not need special grooming. Due to their natural cleanliness, they themselves take good care of their wool. It is better to consult with the breeder or groomer how often your kitten needs to be washed, than combed out, whether it is possible to trim.

9. First aid kit

As already mentioned more than once above, cats are very clean animals. But this time their cleanliness plays a cruel joke on them. Due to the specific structure of the tongue, cats cannot spit out what falls into their mouths. And all the wool that they lick off when they wash, they have to swallow.

The wool is practically indigestible. Large lumps of it can lead to serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Fortunately, there are supplements available to help your kitten’s stomach flush out easily.

10. Ammunition

Harness and leashIf you are going to train your kitten for the outdoors, do not forget about vaccinations and treatment against fleas and ticks, and only then take it out into nature. But you can start accustoming yourself to ammunition in advance, even at home.

If you are planning to walk with your kitten on a leash, you should get a harness . In a harness, cats feel freer, more comfortable, and an accidental jerk at the collar can scare the kitten very much and even hurt him.

Cat collars are needed mainly in order to attach address tags to them. So if your pet runs away and gets lost, the people who found it can call you and return it. Collars for cats are often equipped with a special rubber band, so that if the cat catches on something, the rubber band stretches, and the cat can get rid of the dangerous accessory.

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The leash or tape should be as light as possible so as not to hinder the movement of the cat. Cats do not jerk like dogs, so you can even take a tape measure that is designed for less than a kilogram. It will most likely serve you well enough.

11. Treats

If you want to please your kitten, or you decide to train him, it would be better to buy treats that have been specially designed for cats. They will definitely not harm, and many of them are enriched with useful vitamins, minerals and more.

And most importantly, the kitten’s happiness and calmness, first of all, depends on its health. And health comes from good and competent care.

Try to take care of the presence of all the things that the kitten will need at the beginning of his life in advance, and he will repay you with love and warmth. As soon as cats can! Also for more help, just visit our website.

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