What is a CT scan and how it is helpful?

Many people don’t know what exactly a CT scan does. CT (Computerised Tomography) scan combines a series of X-rays to get a thorough image of all structures in the body. The data produces 2-dimensional images, but it can also be used to produce 3-dimensional images. In simple words, we can also say that a CT scan is like looking for one slice of bread by scanning a whole loaf.

What is a CT scan?

The machine of CT is different from the X-ray machine. The difference between X-rays and CT scan is that X-rays send only one radiation beam, whereas a CT scan sends a series of narrow beams and produces a more detailed image as compared to an X-ray image.

X-ray detector of CT scanner is highly capable of seeing hundreds of different levels. It also has the ability to view tissues inside a solid organ. A contrast eye is also used in a CT scan to see some structures more clearly.

For example, if you are a patient with severe abdomen pain and your doctor has recommended going for a CT scan, it means a 3D image of your abdomen will be taken by making you drink a barium meal. It will look white in the scan. If the doctor recommends you to get a 3D image of the lower body, then you will be given a barium enema for the scan.

CT scan is used to get images of soft tissues, blood vessels, brain, abdomen, bones, pelvis, and lungs. You must discuss the pros and cons of a CT scan with your doctor. The patients are also asked to go through the CT scan process to diagnose various types of cancers; these include liver, lung, etc.

The 3D image of CT scan helps doctors to know whether there is a tumor or not, as well as if it is present then what its size is and how much tissues have been affected by the tumor. CT scan can disclose a tumor in the brain and abdomen. It is also powerful in detecting abnormal tissue. If there are chances of any kind of bone disease, it can easily be diagnosed with the help of a CT scan Griffith.

Even if you get an injury in your hands, feet, or any of the skeletal structures, a CT scan is quite helpful in providing vital data about the injury. It enables the doctor to view even a small bone clearly.

Now, there are many people who get confused between a CT scan and an MRI. Let’s have a look at some of the main differences between these two.

  • CT scan is performed by using X-rays, whereas MRI is done with the help of magnets and radio waves.
  • CT scan can show the soft tissues, while MRI can show tendons and ligaments.
  • When it comes to spinal cord diagnosis, MRI gives better results.
  • When you need to diagnose the risk of cancer, a CT scan is preferred to diagnose cancer, bleeding in the brain, and other internal injuries.
  • If there are broken bones, they are more visible using a CT scan.  

CT scan procedure

You will be recommended not to eat and drink anything for a specific period before going through a CT scan Griffith. On the day of the CT scan, the patient has to wear a gown given by a doctor and even will be asked to remove jewelry. If a doctor does not have a gown, you will be asked to wear loose-fitting clothes that do not have any kind of metal, such as a button, zipper, etc.

A doughnut-shaped CT scanner machine is used to diagnose the exact problem.

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