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What is a Pom Chow? Special Guide for Everyone Interested in Pets

What is a Pom Chow? Special Guide for Everyone Interested in Pets

Click here for answer to “What is a Pom Chow?”A complete guide covering details on personality, looks, average size, history, and much more.


Want to know, What is a Pom Chow? Why this teacup dog breed has become a trend?

Pom Chow is a crossbreed between Pomeranian and Chow Chow dogs. They are famous for being good family pets. 

Wondering; what makes them qualify for this title? You have to give it a thorough read. Be assured, because you will get answers to all your queries. We also strongly recommend you to read about foufou puppies or teacup puppies because they are also loved by everyone.

Pom Chow Mix History

Being a hybrid breed Pomeranian Chow mix origin is connected to their parent breed’s history. Let’s dig deeper into them.

Pomeranian breed descended from the German Spitz of Arctic Region. Do you know what gives Pomeranian importance in history? Survival in the incident of RMS Titanic sinking. Among the ship, three dogs survived of which two were Pomeranians.

The Chow Chow breed is a cross between Tibetian Mastiff and Samoyed known as the oldest dog breed, existing over 2000 years. Studies showed that Chow Chow originated from the northern part of Siberia.

Pom Chows Personality

Pomeranian Chow’s appearance is capable of stealing the show. Teacup size and long fluffy hair make it an ideal cuddle buddy.

Are you concern about Pom Chow’s temperament? No need because of their extroverted and energetic personality. Like other pets, they respond well to positive reinforcement training and have lots of affection toward their owner.

I would say it’s the best breed to opt for, especially if you have kids or multi pets at your house.

What makes them stand out? Yes, off course ability to be independent and live alone at home.

Pomeranian Chow Mix Size

Curious to know how big your Pom Chow will get? Commonly Pom Chow is 7 -10 inches tall and weighs 3-7 pounds.

The above-mentioned data is prepared based on average measurements; however, it may vary. The size depends on your Pom Chow puppy’s inherited gene. To provide you a better idea of your Pomeranian Chow mix size and weight, we prepared data of parent breed.

Pomeranian’s average height is 7-12 inches and weighs around 3-8 pounds.

Chow Chow’s average height is 18-22 inches and weighs around 40-70 pounds.

Pom Chow Health

Your Pom Chows has a life span of 9-13 years. It can be reduced or extended because of how you treat your pet.

 In case you are worried about your Pom Chow health? Relax! Crossbreeds have fewer chances of suffering health issues as long as their breeder is reputable.

It’s better to adopt your pet from a reputable breeder. Sometimes illegal breeding might cause these potential diseases i.e. patellar luxation, bloat, eye problems, arthritis, and shock syndrome.

Pomeranian Chow Chow Price

I assume that you have surrendered to their appealing looks. Want to know its worth? A pomeranian Chow costs 2000 to 4000 dollars.

Seems unaffordable to you? Grab your lucky chance. Visit rescue centers and their social sites. You may find this lovely pup at cheap prices.


Pomeranian Chow mix is the perfect pet for small spaces and if the owner isn’t a busy body. Pom Chow does make good family pets but is it the right breed for you?

Adopting a pet isn’t an easy job. Your pet will seek attention and care. You have to be responsible for it. Take your decision wisely.

Have you made up your mind? Now, be careful of unethical breeding and give your Pom Chow a history check. After that,

Just enjoy and cherish him.

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