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What Is a Universal Currency Converter?

Anyone who has traveled at least once or monitors the foreign exchange market’s situation has seen a currency converter. It is an online application via which the user can check their national currency’s exchange rate against another currency. This tool is handy for tourists, businessmen, investors, and other people.

Who Can Find Currency Converters Useful

Tourists, business owners, traders, and representatives of other professions or hobbies use a currency converter for various reasons from time to time.


Before traveling abroad, a tourist should know what currency is accepted in the host country. The rate is a little bit different at every exchange. For example, the rate at an exchange located near an airport or train station will be higher than one at a bank. Let’s say you’re looking for the best US Dollar to Indian Rupee exchange rates.

International Businessmen

Currency converters are useful for any person that runs a business in another country. This tool helps in determining what they are profiting by selling products and services abroad. For example, an American company with branches in Mexico and Canada sell their products and services in pesos or Canadian dollars.

FOREX Traders

Currency converters are also useful for anyone who trades currencies on the FOREX market. The FOREX market is an exchange on which individuals and businesses can trade currencies. The market is open every business day for 24 hours. It is the most liquid market in the world, with trillions of dollars being traded every day. The reason why currency converters are useful for participants of this market is that they allow tracking the exchange rate independently of the trader’s location.

Other Professions Where They Are Useful

The need for using a currency converter can arise in many other cases. An economist compiling data on the value of foreign currencies needs a base of comparison, like the dollar, to determine their value. Doing this comes in handy when tracking inflation.

Some currency converters allow users to calculate the historical value of different currencies against one another. These converters are useful for historians, economists, or journalists researching the past performance of various currencies compared to their present performance.

A citizen living abroad will find a currency converter most useful. For example, many Americans are living in foreign countries. They are military personnel, businessmen, or people who elected to live abroad for a whole host of reasons. Many of these people, military servicemen stationed overseas in particular, are paid in dollars. Retirees living abroad receive their pensions in dollars. A currency converter allows them to calculate the purchasing power and exchange rate of the dollar.

How to Exchange Money at the Most Favorable Rate

Buying and selling currencies are no different than buying and selling anything else. The buyer commits a purchase when the value is low, hoping that demand will rise at some point, and he would sell it for a profit. The problem with buying and selling currencies is that their values wildly fluctuate, and it can be challenging to keep track of it all, even with a currency converter. Anyone who holds a substantial amount of foreign currency and wants to exchange it when the rates are most favorable should hire a financial specialist to do this for them.

Large businesses and financial institutions have a significant advantage when trading currencies. They can devote a considerable amount of resources to studying the FOREX market. Also, they can hire scores of professional traders to buy and sell currencies at the most favorable rates. Since their trading volume is so large, they can generate profits even when the changes in rates are marginal.

Using Currency Converters Saves Time and Money

The bottom line is that currency converters are great tools for traders and individuals alike. They are free and fast to use, giving users a general idea of the value of different currencies, past and present, making them a useful accessory for anyone with a vested interest in a currency’s performance.

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