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What Is Google AMP And How Is It Related To SEO?

Mobile traffic is growing with each passing day. More and more customers are making use of mobile phones for accessing content, and it is more important to optimize the mobile experience for your SEO. Google is becoming smart, and it can detect pages having low-loading speed, high bounce rate, and that rank lower in the search engine. AMP and SEO technology can help you out.

AMP is an open-source HTML framework. It offers a straightforward for creating web pages that are smooth, fast-loading, and focuses on User Experience (UX) above everything else.

For most websites, it involves making a mobile-optimized, stripped-down AMP copy of the existing content of the HTML5 page.

AMP also supports content distribution on the open web without the need to go through platform-specific applications.

Benefits of AMP for SEO:

Several potential benefits of AMP are there based on your website. The benefits are- low data consumption, a free CDN, enhanced performance of the server, and higher ad viewability.

Some of the most common benefits of AMP for SEO are discussed below:

Fast loading of webpages- Indeed, AMP is not a ranking factor, but speed is a ranking factor. Core vitals are becoming essential ranking factors. And if correctly implemented, the load time enhancements are sizeable most of the time.

According to Google, the AMP page’s load time is less than one second which fits the core web vital requirements.

Additionally, speed has a run-on impact and offers more optimized UX (User Experience). It is witnessed by higher time on a website, enhanced conversion rates, and lower bounce rates. You may ask for an SEO Agency to learn how to make a fast-loading website.

Improved visibility in the search results of Google:

In SERPs’ of Google, an improved appearance always accompanies AMP pages on mobile devices. At the basic level, a lightning bolt icon highlights the AMP pages in the SERPs of Google.

Few SEOs have argued that this designation improves the CTR (click-through rate) of pages because the users will be choosing AMP results knowing that it will eventually lead them into a fast-loading webpage.

AMP is combined with valid structured data that increases the chance to get displayed with a host carousel or with rich features like larger-than-thumbnail images and headline text.

For the AMP pages, there exists a “Swipe to Visit” functionality on the mobile devices in Google Images.

As soon as a user selects an image, they will be able to see the site header’s preview. They will be able to swipe up for visiting the source page.

How to optimize AMP pages for SEO?

It is not always necessary to see positive results when you adopt AMP. The two popular reasons for this are:

  • It was not the correct fit.
  • It was not correctly implemented.

So, from an SEO perspective for attaining visibility with AMP, follow the given below steps:

Ensure discoverability- You will have to add information regarding the AMP page to the non-AMP page and the other way round, in the form of rel=”canonical” (on non-AMP) and rel=”amphtml” (on AMP).

Offer consistent UI- The UI and design scheme must be similar materially when taking a look at AMP vs the canonical versions of the same page.

Fully functional- Interactive and personalization components like social media sharing icons, navigation menu, related content, login, forms, and ads works similarly to the canonical version.

Use AMP-friendly logo- The logos you put to use must meet the guidelines provided by AMP. Or else, it will be poorly displayed or also may not be displayed at all in the best stories carousel.

Verify the parity of SEO elements- Several codes exist behind the scenes like hreflang, alt image text, H1s, and especially valid structured data must not only be there but also be there on both the AMP and canonical pages because inconsistencies may block SEO visibility.


AMP is a way to speed up your web pages ultimately. It proves better UX in your delivery of content, especially for mobile users. Besides, it also improves your visibility and has a positive impact on your SEO. But, whatever you do, it depends on the requirements. So, before commencing, evaluate the requirement of your business and craft a correct strategy to take your business to the highest peak of success.

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