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Staff Augmentation

What is Staff Augmentation – Beginners 2021 Guide

With the rapid production and increased options in business methods, a firm is no longer required to employ a full-time staff to meet their needs, particularly for businesses that operate through online platforms, such as those in the IT industry, marketing, trade, and other fields.

We see a significant increase in the demand for remote workers, based on the fact that current solutions and talents no longer necessitate working from an office. We also have many online platforms, such as Freelancer and Upwork, that connect remote workers with customers who require their abilities on a short or long-term basis. Some sites focus on connecting businesses with specialists who will work remotely to provide modern solutions.

In this post, we’ll look at staff augmentation as a type of outsourcing and its key characteristics, benefits, and functions, as well as the differences between it and other options for employing remote workers.

Staff Augmentation’s Key Features

Staff Augmentation is a direct way to hire skilled people for a short period to offer you their skills. You may also build an entire team of remote professionals at any time when your marketing or company strategy needs help. Moreover, because the augmented staff is independent of your firm, you can expand or contract it according to your needs.

The IT business has the most demand for augmented workers, as you can hire a remote worker for a single assignment. On the other hand, outsourcing is quite popular among many marketing and IT industries, leading to growing flexibility and reduced working hours compared to traditional office labor.

Furthermore, this strategy is ideal for businesses creating current business solutions, developing various apps, and a variety of other projects where you may need to increase your team for a short period to complete your project on schedule. Additionally, employing a freelancer through multiple internet platforms is far easier than recruiting workers in your company for a single assignment.

What are the Advantages?

But first, we must note the increased productivity that staff augmentation will provide, as you will expand your team of professionals to ensure the best possible project completion. You may, for example, hire a group of professionals for a limited time to improve the efficiency of your project.

Apart from that, hiring augmented people gives you absolute peace of mind, and all copyrights are secured to your organization. Moreover, staff augmentation allows you to choose from a wide range of expertise in many fields of the IT industry, depending on your preferences, expectations, and budget. This way is far less expensive, and all you have to do is contact organizations that can connect you with the people you need for your project.

The procedure is straightforward, and once you find the appropriate agency that can offer you pros, you can choose from many people who are willing to work for you in a short amount of time. Hiring remote workers in this way can save you a lot of money, primarily if you recruit people from emerging countries, where freelancing is very popular because they can earn considerably more money than their country’s average yearly income.

What Sets This Method Apart from Other Models?

By selecting the staff augmentation model, you gain the flexibility to choose potential employees based on their skills and expertise. At the same time, the company that connects you with them manages the organization and management. Finally, you can manage and control your augmented staff like regular employees who work from home.

When we compare this strategy to outsourcing, the augmented team provides much more information about the project and its main elements to all of you. The essential advantage over traditional outsourcing is improved teamwork and communication across the entire team, which results in increased efficiency, reliability, and quality.

The difference between establishing a full research and development team and hiring augmented workers is that the result will face much higher costs and may result in management and administration issues, though it also will attain the desired level of effectiveness, implying that using staff augmentation can provide you with maximum effectiveness while having to pay minimal costs. When it comes to interviews and management, the organization that connects you with the employee ensures that you have access to the expertise you need to help your company with specific tasks.


When your company needs a qualified professional for a short time, the ideal way to get one is through staff augmentation. Outsourcing, in particular, lacks the same guarantees and flexibility as this arrangement. Using an expert for a full work might significantly increase your costs, whereas using an expert for a single task is both less expensive and more helpful.

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