What is the Best GPS Locator for Your Motorcycle?

What is the Best GPS Locator for Your Motorcycle?

Nowadays GPS has become common to use when it comes to tracking our vehicle. That’s because these small devices have solved the problem regarding distractions while riding, increasing the safety of it, which lets us live without the need of road maps, printed routes, or the use of drawings.

That’s why also when it comes to motorcycles, it’s worth installing a safety device such as a GPS. On the aftermarket  we can find a great variety of GPS locators for motorcycles, so choosing one can be a bit complicated, but you don’t have to worry, because if you are looking for a tracking device and you don’t know which one to choose, you are lucky, as we are introducing a guide with the best options that are available, bringing you all the necessary information you should know about the motorcycle GPS.

What kind of gps locator to choose?

Winnes 2G TK905 GPS tracker with built-in magnets

This is a new type of device that has built-in magnets, is ideal for motorcycles, it can be installed on your motorcycle in seconds. Its base station can be configured with the GPS satellite navigation system and A-GPS, meaning that this device can work anywhere in the world. It has a compact size and a fairly light weight, since it has dimensions of 9 x 2 x 7 cm, with only 168 grams. Additionally, it allows you to track the target in real time, thanks to Google maps you can know the exact location at all times.

This device is totally waterproof, therefore you do not have to worry that it will suffer any damage in rainy days, it also allows you to monitor and locate any object remotely through SMS, mobile application and web tracking software without any inconvenient at the limit of distance, making it the ideal locator to install on the hood of the motorcycle. What’s more, it is compatible with your vehicle’s charger, as optional wiring to maintain continuous external power and not discharge your battery.

Invoxia GPS Tracker

This tracking device has an application that connects directly with your mobile phone to achieve greater functions, so that it provides the possibility of locating different objects and it’s capable of transmitting your position every 5 minutes, it incorporates a notification system, so that you can use it more comfortably and get the most out of it, additionally this GPS locator presented by the Invoxia brand can be used in Spain, Portugal and in the other countries that are covered by SigFox Europe (RC1).

It is also a device that does not include SIM, which has a high level of localization and can be adapted not only to vehicles, but is also ideal for motorcycles, people and bags, in turn it has a 6-month autonomy system, so that it ensures good durability over time. The Invoxia Tracker is a light and small product, since it has only 30 grams of weight, and measures 10 cm long by less than 3 cm wide, therefore it is ideal to be placed easily on the chest of your motorcycle, in your glove compartment or in your bag.

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