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The Solomon Seal

What Is The Solomon Seal?

We seem to hear you asking what the Seal of Solomon is. The seal of Solomon, the existence of which is the subject of legends, also attracts attention with its mystery. In this article, you will find answers to all the questions that interest you, such as what the seal says about Solomon, or what is the meaning of the seal of Solomon.

The seal of the Seal of Solomon, which recently attracted everyone’s attention with its popularity, is also used and preferred in the design of accessories. We will share with you detailed information about this seal, which hosts many designs. But who is the prophet Solomon before?

Who is Solomon?

There was a king who had extraordinary powers thousands of years ago when the earth was magical when man was not aware of evil. This king asked God for a reign that was given to no one. Then the God gave him this reign, and this king became the ruler of the earth and the sky over time.

This king, who ruled demons, men and animals, was none other than Solomon. This descendant king of Israel made an effort to benefit people by using their higher powers.

King Solomon, who was affiliated with the Yakub lineage, opened his eyes to the world in Gaza. Solomon’s father is the prophet David. Suleiman, who was twelve and thirteen when his father died, became a prophet after the chief.

Even as a child, he was a prophet known for the righteousness of the prophet Solomon, known for his conscience and his help to all. He always used the reign granted by God for the good and the beauty of the people.

It is to be noted that the superior and extraordinary abilities of Solomon, mentioned as the sovereign prophet, are mentioned in the tafseer, hadith and many history books, especially the Holy Quran. We see that the name of Prophet Solomon has been mentioned in the holy book Qur’an in sixteen places. In addition to all this, it was pointed out that the Prophet Solomon was the son and heir of David and had superior talents and that he was a righteous and ever righteous servant.

Prophet Solomon, who ruled the world as a prophet, is a prophet who attracts attention with his extraordinary powers. We know that the prophet Solomon, who is said to rule all beings, also made the jinn what he wanted. Solomon, who still uses the reign bestowed upon him for the benefit of the people, tries to do whatever is useful to his people without blinking. Having constructed many bridges, buildings and roads for his people, Solomon succeeded in becoming a beloved prophet among the people.

It is also known that Solomon had many miracles. We know that Masjid-i Aksayı built it in seven years. As for his married life, he combined his life with the wife of “Belkıs” who lived in Sebe, city of the prophet Solomon Yemen.

The death of the Prophet Solomon was while watching the palace built by the jinn. Watching the construction of the palace, Suleiman lost his eyes on life leaning on his wand.

Solomon’s Seal Ring

The Seal of Solomon is a ring that is always curious and attracts attention with its history. This signet ring, which has been the subject of legends, is also accepted as a symbol of power.

It is said that this ring, which attracts attention by its mystery, was given to Solomon by God. This signet ring is actually a seal. While Muslims preferred to use this ring as a seal, Solomon used it as a ring.

Solomon is said to give extraordinary powers to the person who wears the ring. The question of what the seal says about Solomon is also a matter of curiosity.

On this ring is the prayer of the “Name of Azam”, the secret name of God known to angels and men. This signet ring, which attracts attention with its mysterious shape, has been used and attracted by everyone recently.

If you want to be ahead in the race for elegance and have your eyes set on you in the environments you step into, you can choose from our silver signet ring designs from Salomon that follow the fashion of the design studio. silver and capture elegance.

What is the meaning of Solomon’s seal?

According to some studies, the Seal of Solomon is a ring that Adam wears and belongs to him. It is said that Adam left this ring “Arşa” when leaving paradise. Then Gabriel found this ring. Gabriel immediately brought the ring to God and He ordered the ring to be given to Solomon. Gabriel delivered him to Solomon. Because of this narration, the ring is said to come from the sky.

The Seal of Suleiman is known by different names in each religion. While Muslims called this ring “Hatem-i Suleiman”, Christians called this ring “Star of David” because of the prophet David, the father of the prophet. As the Prophet Solomon is one of the sons of Israel, the seal has special meaning for the Jews. For this reason, this symbol is also included in the Israeli flag.

The shape of the Prophet Solomon’s signet ring is quite remarkable. A six-pointed star is formed on the ring, one of which is interwoven and the other is a straight triangle.

We have declared that the prophet Solomon ruled over all beings. It is said that the secret of Solomon’s power, which dominates people, jinn and animals, is this ring. The ring of the Prophet Solomon, who once entrusted his ring to his concubine, was stolen by a genie in his own clothes.

After the theft of the ring, many rumors disappeared. This event was not an end for Solomon, it was in fact a beginning.

It is said that during the sorrowful days of the prophet Suleiman, who felt bad and struggled with the absence of the seal, he had the real seal, “Mühr-ü Suleiman”.

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