What To Do When Penalties Strike SEO Companies



Availing SEO services has become so common nowadays that businesses rely on them completely. However, it is not uncommon for SEO agencies to falter. The mistakes made by SEO companies are usually a result of their own shortcomings. The aggressive use of SEO tools or the desire to tamper with the Google algorithm can impact an SEO company negatively, especially if the user is not quite sure about the regulations of Google. 

In case such a situation arises, the organization must try to get back on its feet as swiftly as possible. Mentioned below are a few tips that can help your SEO company to ‘right the wrong’ and resume business.  


The best way to approach any problem is to diagnose what went wrong. This will help in finding out the root cause of the problem. Once the problem is understood, the SEO company can then try to figure out the methods to resolve the issue. But this would be possible only if a proper diagnosis is carried out. For instance, large voids in organic searches can be observed to find out what led to the catastrophe and be analyzed later to find out the appropriate results. 

Manual Penalty

There are different types of penalties that are assigned by Google to inform the SEO company about its mistakes. The penalties are usually of three kinds, namely the sitewide link penalties, the partial link penalties, and the thin content penalties. The cause of the penalties must be looked into by the SEO company. This can help analyze the base of the problem and find a solution. In case the company finds that the penalty is not justified, they can ask Google for reconsideration in the matter. 

Algorithm Penalties

Heavy penalties are imposed when any SEO company tries to manipulate the Google algorithms to bring up their content to a higher rank. This technical tampering can lead to grave consequences. If Google has let your company off the hook after assigning a warning and a penalty, you must try never to repeat it. Algorithm manipulation is one of the gravest mistakes that can be committed by any SEO company. It is important that you keep yourself updated with the algorithms and use them in a way that increases your traffic without breaking the norms of Google. 

The Endnote

The SEO company in Toronto has faced these issues like any other SEO agency in the world. These issues must be addressed by the companies themselves and care must be taken so as not to repeat them. It is crucial that you comply with the norms of Google while maintaining the website. If Google thinks that the regulations are not being followed or content on the websites is not conducive for the audience, it can remove the websites. This is one of the greatest losses that can occur to any SEO company. Such mistakes must be avoided to keep the business functioning properly.

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