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What type of mining method is most successful for gold

The amount of gold humans have already extracted from the earth is up for debate. How do we get this precious metal out of the ground? What exactly is the process for gold mining?

Keep reading to learn everything you want to know about the process of extraction and gold refinement.

What Are the Gold Mining Methods?

There are four fundamental types of mining used to extract gold. These are placer mining byproduct mining processing of gold ore and hard rock mining.

The most prominent gold producing locations globally are China Russia Australia and the USA.

Hard Rock Mining

The most common method to extract gold from lode deposits is to drill holes into the ground and fill them with explosives to break up the earth.

Some hard rock mines are underground.

Placer Mining

This is the typical type of mining you may associate with gold; finding gold in waterways.

Modern methods of placer mining include panning dredging and hydraulic mining. The methods separate the heavy gold from the lighter materials in the body of water.

Byproduct Mining

The Grasberg mine in Indonesia produces a lot of gold in this way.

Processing of Gold Ore

The final method for extracting gold is to process the gold ore with mercury or cyanide.

These chemicals allow the separation of the rock from the rocks containing gold. This is a common process for obtaining gold from low grade ores.

Gold Mining is a Complex Process

Now you know the process that your gold alloys or gold ring went through to make it into your possession wasn’t an easy one!

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