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When he learned that his uncle had returned home his nephew committed suicide and his aunt was arrested.

Dhaka: Relatives instigated suicide after the body of a young man named Limon Fakir (25) was recovered in the capital, Mirpur.
Police say her aunt was in love with her nephew.
Her aunt denied the relationship in the news that her uncle had arrived in her country.

This allows her nephew Limon to commit suicide. That is why police arrested her deceased aunt.
On Saturday afternoon (October 30), a model police officer (CO) in Mirpur Mostadil Rahman said that the hanged body of Limon Fakir was east at around 12:15:30 pm on October 28.  He lived in Sublet on the 5th floor of his house in East Manipour.

The murdered young people sold lumps and sometimes drove rickshaws. But his family was in good shape.
The victim’s uncle married a Maldivian expatriate over the phone a few years ago. This student lived in the Karsi district of Mirpur. After that, his nephew fell in love with his aunt.

Because of this relationship, her aunt regularly visited Limon’s house.
CO said Limon’s uncle would soon arrive from the Maldives, the aunt told her nephew Limon. Don’t go to bhajita with your aunt anymore. Rimon couldn’t accept the problem.

Thais are reported to have hanged themselves.
Limon’s mother complained of inciting suicide. Limon’s aunt was arrested in this case.
Shahriar Rahim, the deceased’s cousin, said Limon arrived in Dhaka two months ago. Mirpur lived in a sublet house in the Manipur area.

The sixth wife of Limon’s Maldives expatriate uncle entered and exited the house. They used to introduce “brothers” to those who were by their side. Lime’s autopsy was completed Saturday afternoon, according to sources at
Shaheed Suhrawardy Hospital. His body was later handed over to his relatives.

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