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Where Female Athletes Are Treated Differently Or Aren’t Taken As Seriously

Where Female Athletes Are Treated Differently Or Aren’t Taken As Seriously

Research shows that parents still have gender stereotypes and double standards, where female athletes are treated differently or aren’t taken as seriously as male counterparts. When polled, 32% of parents across the country believed boys are better at sports than girls. Parents who have never played sports are more likely to think that girls are less competitive than boys and that sports rank higher on the list of priorities for boys than girls.

Girls (43%) are more likely to not have played sports than boys (35%). For teens surveyed, 36% of girls compared to 46% of boys were playing sport. 40% overall said they currently play sports. Despite the fact that sport is the most popular extracurricular activity in the United States for both boys and girls, there is a huge gender gap in participation persist and parents could be playing a role in this. The study found that African American boys and poor children, especially girls, were less likely to play sports than others. Boys and girls experience teasing when they were younger, but for girls the teasing became worse by age 14.

As more female athletes have daughters, this will naturally improve. Another surprise was that few kids reported quitting sports because of injury for either boys or girls. However, of the 16% of kids who reported experiencing a concussion from sports, over a third quit.

Indeed, the study found that the average age of kids who quit sports for any reason was 11. This could mean that sports became something different or that it was no longer fun.

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