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Where is the comfort of the audience

Where is the comfort of the audience

Recently, the comfort popularity of various streaming sites including Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Disney has increased manifold. In an instant, foreign films and web series have come comfort into the hands of viewers. Popular English series like Breaking Bad or Piki Blinders as well as other language series have caught the attention of the viewers. The popularity of the Spanish crime series La Casa de Papel or the German sci-fi thriller Dark is no less popular in this country than the comfort blockbuster movie. However, when watching these series in Spanish, German, Korean or Mexican languages, the language barrier becomes a big obstacle.

For the convenience of the viewers, the streaming sites are adding subtitles in different languages ​​to the movies and series as well as dubbed versions in different languages. However, according to a report published in Variety, Netflix authorities have deliberately made the dubbed version of all series ‘by default’. Because, according to their statistics, this is how the audience of the show increases.

The Turkish drama ‘The Magnificent Century’, which became world famous for showing the history of the Ottoman Empire, became very popular in our country due to its dubbing. Bangladesh’s private channel Dipta TV started broadcasting it under the name ‘Sultan Suleman’ from the end of 2015. Following its success, the popularity of the Turkish series dubbed in the country continued to grow.

Basically, the success of ‘Magnificent Century’ i.e. ‘Sultan Suleiman’ has paved the way for the arrival of a new era of Bengali dubbing. In the meantime, Bioscope is going to add a new dimension to the Bengali dubbed series. After the success of the television channel, the journey of the TV series dubbed on the country’s streaming platform is sure to add a new layer of experience to the whole scene.

On the other hand, the main complaint of the viewers is the lack of coordination of time. Those whose reading speed is relatively slow, they are busy reading the subtitles for the sake of the story rather than enjoying the scene. Many spectators are under pressure to pay full attention. There is no way to take your eyes off the screen for a moment if you are given frequent dialogue. Meanwhile, small details hidden in cinematography or scenes often escape their eyes.

Of course, there are advantages to being able to follow the rules of viewing with subtitles. And to understand the vision of the original creator, but there is no alternative.

The matter is really sad. With good quality dubbing, these viewers could also get a taste of world culture.

In the nineties in Bangladesh, we have seen Iranian language films on BTV with the voices of many famous artists including Raisul Anam Asad, Taru Mostafa. Many people are still nostalgic when they think of the foreign TV series aired at that time. And the Bengali dubbed version of them has played a major role behind their popularity among all classes of people. Many children and teenagers have also enjoyed and are enjoying the English dubbed versions of all the popular anime including Pokemon, Dragon Ball-G on Cartoon Network.

In the case of comedy too, it is worth considering. There is a gap between listening to a joke and reading. The success of many dialogues depends on comedic timing and delivery. Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions. Again, it depends on the structure of a language. This is why situational comedy is gaining more popularity when it comes to translation.

So there is no chance of a one-sided comment on the dubbed version.

Let’s find out what the audience thinks. According to a survey by Netflix, 82% of viewers in the United States have seen La Casa de Papel dubbed in their mother tongue. In the case of the science fiction series Dark, the number is even higher, at 75 percent. That’s why they present the first dubbed version in front of the audience while watching other non-English language series such as the Brazilian dystopian thriller ‘Three Percent’ or the Mexican crime drama Narcos

Other big streaming platforms are doing the same.

Sub and dab again tie in the same formula in some cases. Just as it is difficult to bring out the essence of a humorous dialogue, it is also difficult to highlight the importance of a deeply emotional dialogue. There will always be a gap between the translation and the main dialogue. In this case, the most important thing is to use creativity without translating the script literally.

However, good quality dubbing costs much more than making good quality subtitles. It is also important to keep the soundtrack accurate.

In fact, the choice of sub or dub depends on the personal taste of the viewer. While many place more emphasis on understanding the original meaning and enjoying the cinematic experience, the dubbed version suits them. Again many want to taste the feel of the original film. Actors do not fill their minds without their voices.

For all these reasons, both dub and sub have their own strong position.

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