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Who started the journey from ‘Wonderkid’ in New Zealand

Who started the journey from Wonderkid in New Zealand

He made a great start to his career. Then I realized he woke up. He had to wait for 16 Tests to score the first one thousand runs, he scored the next one in 14 Tests. Then it became more formidable, touching the milestone of three thousand in just seven Tests! As the days went by, with the run, the average has become stronger and the brain has become sharper. The mouthpiece has become one of the ‘Fantastic Five’ clubs, competing with Steve Smith-Virat Kohli-Joe Roots.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Kane Williamson, who started his journey from New Zealand’s ‘Wonderkid’, has become one of the cleanest players in cricket. Now let’s hear another person’s story. The first line of his profile on Cricinfo, one of the most popular cricket websites, begins with the nickname ‘Falcrum of New Zealand Cricket’. Has served for more than a decade, played 108 Tests, achieved remarkable success, played two consecutive World Cups with Vikram, managed the broken middle order of the team alone for a long time, even led the national team. Throughout his career, he was a symbol of continuity.

It sounds silly. So let’s take a look at his career graph!  Again I forgot to name, Ross Taylor.

Devon Conway is just another stick. He left his native South Africa and moved to New Zealand with the intention of building his own fortune. Conway, who spent days in South Africa’s second division with a flood of runs waiting for the main team, made his Test debut at Lord’s four years after moving to New Zealand. He painted the canvas of that debut in the colors of a double century, and also played in the final of the World Test Championship. From Johannesburg to Wellington to Lord’s 6 Conway, you can tell the story of your life to your grandchildren!

Kyle Jamieson didn’t learn to read in the clouds, so he made his name known to everyone with great skill. At the end of eight matches of his career, he is a little above the average of 14, he also has an average of 42 with the bat. If the captain chooses fielding after winning the toss, he has taken wickets at an average of 12, and after losing the toss, he has brought relief to the captain at an average of 13. When it comes to bowling, the Trent Bolt-Team Saudi pairing is a must.

The two have formed one of the most terrifying pairs in the current cricket world. They have taken 500 wickets in 60 Tests. Probably two wickets in a row to keep the value of the word ‘pair’; Saudi took 246 wickets, Bolt 252! When the calculation is only in the Tests won, the balance of the two is equally heavy; They both took 173 wickets! In matches where the two have played together, they have taken 48.9% of the wickets for New Zealand.  The name of another person comes in the same bracket with Bolt-Saudi – Neil Wagner. Jared Kimber lovingly named him ‘The Ultramodernist’.

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