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Why do you need to take Defi more seriously?

Why do you need to take Defi more seriously?

Defi or otherwise known as decentralized finance is a type of finical application or a set of different financial applications in blockchain or Cryptocurrency that disregards the shifting of the control to a single entity or financial group. It is the same concept as Cryptocurrency in which the whole system is decentralized, and no government or private entity can track the operations going around with the Cryptocurrency. Defi, on the other hand, deals with not only money in particular but also other financial entities such as bonds, money that you deposit into a bank for interest purposes, and various other elements. It is like doing what you used to do with local financing options but only better and more secure due to the use of blockchain technology in terms of Defi.

No authority taking control

The most auspicious advantage of Defi is that it runs without any permission from any authority whatsoever; it is entirely permissionless to participate. The liquidity options are incredibly transparent and borderless, which means that you can access the financial market from anywhere around the world. There is no controlling entity here, and the money you enter here becomes non-custodial, which means that you can use it however you deem fit.

More profitable as compared to banks

Suppose you want your money to be deposited into a savings account in a bank; now, most of the banks will offer you less than 1% of your total amount when depositing it with a promise of increasing the interest rate over the years. But with Defi, it is all different; it has varying interest rates, which means that it can even reach the double-digit figures at times, and you are all settled for the profit that will come your way due to a rise in the market. Usually, banks don’t do that; they often have fixed interest rate talks with you and are never trying to adapt the variations as they hit the market. 

Security and authorization in times of blockchain

Banks and other financial institutes don’t run on blockchain technology; they are still operating on the legacy systems. It means that these can become the target of cybercriminals relatively more easily. The reputation of the institute at stake and the financial information of the clients can leak out and cause them a tremendous loss. But in the case of blockchain systems, all the information involved in the process is already public. It means everyone has access to it, but the game-changing aspect here is that all of that is in the blockchain. This is what makes it harmless because the information can’t be decrypted.                      

Clever is a new Defi system in town that offers you a chance to get more vivid returns on your investment than any other bank, or financial institution can provide you with. With the help of Clever Token, you can easily transform your wealth or an asset into a blockchain number to throw into the mix and get a dedicated interest rate for it. Clever Cryptocurrency is new for sure. With time, it will start becoming more apparent to you that it is different from a lot of other competitors. It offers you more handsome returns and the best security there is when it comes to protecting your assets.  

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