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GPS Tracking Software

 Why need GPS Tracking Software for Construction Equipment?

If you want your business to be among the 40% of small businesses making a profit, you need to have the right protective measures in place. And if you’re running a business like construction, you have a lot of large and expensive equipment to manage. That’s why you should track it so you can get the most out of it — and always know where it is.

Curious to learn more? Stick around to learn the top 5 benefits of GPS tracking software for construction equipment!

1. Track the Location of Construction Equipment

With GPS tracking, you add a critical safety feature to your construction equipment. Although you’d like to be able to trust that equipment always is used as it should be, sometimes the worst-case scenario happens.

You can set a radius for your equipment so that any travel beyond that range triggers an alarm. With the best GPS monitors, you can also set alarms to go off if the equipment is used outside of a set range of hours

2. Anticipate Maintenance and Repairs

When you’re looking at your business plan, have you accounted for repair costs and equipment replacements? To help your business run more effectively, you need to commit to routine maintenance.

With GPS tracking, you can track things like fuel consumption and idling time. For instance, if you have a fleet of articulated trucks, you need to ensure that you’re on top of oil changes and tire use.

3. Improve Equipment Efficiency

Are you maximizing what you can do with your construction equipment? While you might be using a forklift every day, what about your backhoe loader or scissor lift?

If you move into residential construction, you might not use heavier excavation equipment as often. You could end up subcontracting more, too, and finding that you need to unload some equipment.

GPS tracking software can help you know when your equipment is getting dusty in the warehouse. It might be more cost-effective to sell some equipment at a certain point.

4. Monitor Employee Behavior

Are you concerned that some employees are not being attentive to equipment under their purview? With a tracking device, you can ensure that your employees are delivering equipment as directed, and maintaining it. Learn more about how you can track your assets here.

Similarly, if you’re concerned that unauthorized individuals are using the equipment, a tracking device will help you detect this. You can even recover stolen equipment more easily!

5. Gather Data Over Time

As your business grows and expands, you’ll want to have access to data to track shifts in operational use. Tracking software enables you to generate reports to show construction equipment use over time. You can share these reports at quarterly meetings with key stakeholders as you plot your future needs.

Invest in GPS Tracking Software

With GPS tracking software, you gain assurance that your equipment is always accounted for. You also can improve operational efficiency so that you’re getting the most from your equipment. And, when you’re updating your strategic plan, you’ll have data reports to inform your decisions.

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