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Why these US workers won't get jabbed Covid vaccine

Why these US workers won’t get jabbed Covid vaccine

The president says he will soon bring in a mandate that requires all healthcare workers to have had the Covid vaccine jab, and has urged states to do the same with teachers. In Concord, New Hampshire, it is striking to see some of those attending a large protest against vaccine mandates wearing hospital Covid vaccine scrubs.  My beliefs are religious. I believe that my creator endowed me with an immune system that protects me, and if I get sick, that’s an act of God. I would not take a medicine that affects the immune system, Covid vaccine said Ms Cushman. She denies there is any conflict between these beliefs and the responsibilities of her job.

But she says she no longer takes any vaccines at all in any case. Managers who have already decided to impose vaccine mandates at their hospitals say it is primarily about making patients feel safe.

It’s not just Covid. So to say this is not political would be disingenuous, says Mr Colby.

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Back at the rally Leah Cushman, who as well as being a registered nurse is also a state representative for the Republican Party, says that her stance is also about freedom. The Biden administration is targeting our sovereign rights. We’re medical professionals, but we still need the ability to choose what happens to our bodies, she says.

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 He accepts that there is no telling how long a natural immune response will last.

In the classroom, Outlaw would of course be in close contact with students, but what of employees who work entirely in isolation at home?  My job is a 100% remote, work-from-home type of job for a federal contractor. I never go into an office, I never interact with people.

A video posted on social media by the Chinese Communist Party’s youth league claims that over half the world’s vaccines have come from China. So, was China responsible for producing more than three billion of these – both for domestic use and for export? September). China is also a leading exporter of vaccines – both via commercial partnerships and donations.

How do other countries compare?
These figures include donations from the US and EU, but those two regions do not generally export bulk vaccine substances outside of their areas – so the figures are for finished vaccines only. The rate of vaccine production globally has been gradually increasing, driven by the big producers ramping up manufacturing.

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