Why Would Product Owners Need to Remove the Backgrounds from Their Product Photos

Whether we know it or not, whether we are conscious about it or not, whether we even think of it or not – product images are all around us. We see it in junk mails that are stuffed in out mailbox, we see it in product brochures and catalogs, we see it in the supermarkets and big box stores, and we see then on eCommerce sites as well as product commercials. Before those images got published on all these platforms, product owners or marketers had to avail photo background removal service to make those product image publish ready.

Why It Is Important to Remove the Background from Product Photos

All product photos come with a background. In fact, any photo will have a background. May it be a natural background like the sky on the top of a mountain or a lake or a river or some trees or a wall in your home. If the photos are shot in a studio, then studio will have a backdrop which will work as a background. 

Studios are very fancy these days and use high tech and scenic backgrounds in some cases. You can take a picture in a way that will look like you have certain city or nature in your background where in reality the photo was taken in the studio. 

Long story short, any photo will have some kind of background. People travel thousands of miles to take pictures in with a certain background. While travel photography is primarily background focused and people takes phots of them and of their loved ones when the find a nice scenic pace to put in their background, product photography doesn’t work that way. 

Product photos need to blend in to the company website. They need to blend in to the magazine covers, flyers and brochures. It is only possible by removing the product background and by having either white background which is the dominant color of almost all product websites or transparent background. 

What is The Different Between White Background and Transparent Background

Product photos can be edited to have either white background or transparent background. Both are suitable for commercial use. However, based on the purpose it will server, it may require the background to be ither white or transparent. 

In white background editing, a photo editor uses clipping path to isolate the object from its background. The isolated main object then gets save on a new file having white background. It is suitable to be published on sites or pages with white background. A white background image will blend in to another white background. 

With transparent background, there is no background on the product photo at all or the background is made transparent. With transparent background photo, it can be published on any site or media and the photo will blend into any background as it doesn’t have any background to begin with. 

Transparent background is used when publishing medium is not known or have some complex background. Sometimes a single product image is published on various media and it needs to blend in to all background. A product photo with transparent background makes it possible. 


Removal of background from product photo is crucial to any eCommerce business. No product photo can be published in a professional way without the product background removal. 

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