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world football record books for more than 15 years

world football record books for more than 15 years

Real Madrid, Manchester United, Manchester City, PSG in the empty space — when you are happy to put the name of a club, Buss, has become one of the biggest buzz in the transfer market this time! It has been going on for a few days! Ronaldo’s contract with Juventus is one year away, but rumors of Ronaldo’s departure from Juventus have surfaced in the media. Only the name of the club changes from time to time! A few days ago, Ronaldo expressed his annoyance in a huge message on Instagram.

However, Ronaldo’s former team-mate Bruno Alves has a different view on the future of the 36-year-old Portugal captain. Bruno expressed his thoughts, not predictions. The idea is that Ronaldo will stay at Juventus this season. And stay from the insistence to prove yourself!

But what else can Ronaldo, who has written world football and football record books for more than 15 years, prove at the age of 36?

When Ronaldo moved to Juventus in 2016 after winning the Champions League for the third time in a row and for the fourth time in five years, Ronaldo said he was going to win a new challenge at Juventus. What is the challenge, too, is the big ‘open secret’ in football Juventus winning the last of their two Champions League titles in 1996, the Champions League. Ronaldo, who won the Italian League, may have a personal goal to add to his CV, but he doesn’t have to be a football expert to realize that it’s not a big reason for Juventus to win the league that season before Ronaldo left!

But how did Ronaldo do in the challenge? But in the three seasons before Ronaldo left, Juventus has played in the final twice! Ronaldo has tried all three seasons in the knockout stages, scoring goals, but Juventus have failed. Juventus lost the league title last season after winning nine seasons in a row.

That’s why Bruno Alves thinks Ronaldo is even hotter. Ronaldo will stay at Juventus because he is there. “I haven’t talked to him about these things,” Alves, the Portuguese defender who won the Euro 2016, told Italian media Tuttosport about the former teammate’s future. But I think he will stay at Juventus until the end, because he has a lot more to do here পাওয়া to get back to Scudetto (Italian League) and jump again to win the Champions League. ‘ , ‘Cristiano always wants to prove himself, and he’s a winner.’

But Ronaldo’s winning streak in the Champions League in Juventus’ jersey is not the beginning of so much buzz this time. On the one hand, the desired success did not come on the field, on the other hand, Juventus is struggling to pay Ronaldo’s salary in the financially crippled football market after the Corona epidemic.

According to the Italian media, Massimiliano Allegri, who is back in the Juventus dugout after three seasons, wants to change the team’s opener, for which Allegri has more attention in the middle. If Ronaldo leaves the club, the salary burden will be lightened. Allegri wants to bring two more players to the midfield in that place. Meanwhile, Juventus have brought in Euro-winning midfielder Manuel Lokatelli from Sassuolo for Italy in exchange for 35 million euros and a conditional bonus.

But what will happen to Ronaldo? There are so many rumors about that. It is rumored that he will return to Real Madrid. Real president Florentino Perez said he wanted to end the rumor at the beginning by saying “Ronaldo-Chapter is a story of the past in Real”, but it didn’t work out. How many dramas were seen in one day last week! At first, the Spanish media reported that Carlo Ancelotti, who returned to coach Real Madrid this season, wanted Ronaldo back in the team, and that he was in regular contact with Ronaldo. But the buzz of the morning ended in the afternoon. Ancelotti tweeted that he had no plans to return Ronaldo.

On the same day, rumors were circulating that Ronaldo could return to another former club, Manchester United, if not Real.

But in the end the talks did not move in any direction. Ronaldo is also upset with so much buzz. A couple of days ago, the Portuguese forward of Juventus also made a strong statement about this on Instagram. Bruno Alves also talked about that. He just wants the respect he deserves (from the media). ‘

The new season of Juventus will start with the match against Udinese at 10.30 pm Bangladesh time tomorrow. He is a Phenomenon who can guarantee 30-40 goals in a season, even at the age of 36. Chris (Ronaldo) is a cha

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