YouTube to Mp3 and Mp4 on Free 2021

Here you will find the complete procedure to download YouTube videos to mp3 and mp4 step by step for free. First, we will give you a comprehensive guide about mp3 and afterwards we will move to mp4. So, embrace yourselves. 

YouTube to Mp3

Step One

First, you have to install ClipGrab. It is a free site to download any YouTube video for free.

Step Two

After downloading the ClipGrab, you can launch the program and easily copy the video link you want to download. To do that, you can mark the link to the video in the address bar and copy it.

Step Three

Now you could easily insert the copy video link to ClipGrab. For that, you change the window to ClipGrab. In the “downloads” tab, enter the link into the input field. To do that, hit the Ctrl+V. ClipGrab would collect all vital information about the video, and you can begin the next step.

Step Four

Before starting your download, select the entry “MP3”, from the FORMAT folder select (audio only). For selecting enough quality, prefer at least 480p from the “Quality” box.

Step Five

At the final step, you have to click on the “Grab this clip” button. Enter the file name you want, and your download will start quickly when your download is full. It would be saved as an MP3 file. 

Finally, enjoy your video on free Mp3 without any hustle and thank us later!

YouTube to Mp4

You can also download a YouTube video to Mp4 easily for free. You could download any video with excellent sound quality by just following the simple and easy steps.

Step One

Open your YouTube and search for the video you want to download.

Step Two

Click the right button from your mouse on your YouTube video link. Select the copy, or you can also press the Ctrl + C button for quick action.

Step Three

Open your browser, Type X2 convert.com and then you could open your YouTube downloader website that is X2convert.com.

Step Four

Click the right button on the address bar of X2convert for pasting the URL or video link, select paste from the given options, or you can also press the Ctrl + V button simply.

Step Five

After pasting the link to the search bar of X2 convert.com, click on the pop-up bar that is “Get link video” below the search bar.

Step Six

Now you have to select Mp4 and choose the sufficient quality for your video; you can choose 480p at least for average video quality and then click on the “Download Video” to download your selected video.

Step Seven

Wait for a few seconds and then click on the “download” button. After that, your YouTube video will be appearing on your screen. Click the three dots that are displaying below the video at the corner of the screen.

Step Eight

At the final step, you will get two options; select the first one, “download,” and click on it. Your video will be downloaded. Click on the file name in .mp4 format to watch your video. 

Enjoy your video on Mp4!

Hopefully, you will like our guide and it will prove to be useful to you when you desire to download an mp3 or mp4 from YouTube.

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