Meet with Epi Express Team

Meet the Editorial Team responsible for all content readers read on Epi Express.

Shankar Das

Shankar Das

Shankar Das, Founder and Editor of Epi Express. He primarily covers breaking news on various topics including Education, Tech, and Entertainment. He has 7 years of experience in content writing to bring you the latest updates.



Samiul, Editor and Senior Tech Writer. He has more than 6 years of experience in content writing on Sports, and Technology. Samiul loves to watch Cricket and football and is always active in providing the latest updates.

Myles Humphrey

Myles is our only Graphic Designer. She loves to design featured images and created Epi’s Logo. Myles has the creativity to make unique designs.

Rishita Singh


Rishita Singh has been an Entertainment News Reporter at Epi Express since 2022. She primarily covers Trending News on Bollywood, TV Shows, and Web Series. Before joining The Trends, Rishita also worked on various news portals. You can follow her on Instagram @eprishitaa.


Image: Sumon

Sumon, Senior Writer of Epi Express. He joined as a senior content writer for this portal in 2023. He has in-depth knowledge of writing on Education, Sports, and Tech news. Sumon has 8+ years of working experience on various online news portals. He can be followed on Twitter @SumonJrn..

Eva Rahman

Eva loves binge-watching and can spend hours talking about movies and TV shows. From sci-fi to musicals, from Hitchcock to Linklater, she loves them all. Being quadrilingual, a count she aims to increase, allows her to enjoy the literature and the cinema of various countries in the pure form, unhindered by translation.