AI Death Calculator Can Predict Human Death, Here’s How it’s works

AI Death Calculator

We have entered a new era of Artificial Intelligence after Life2vec launched the AI Death Calculator. The company officially launched it on December 20 which can Predict Human Death.

After launching ChatGPT by OpenAI, we have entered an era of Artificial intelligence. Almost every new AI Application launched including Image Generators, audio-to-text, Image Editing Tools, and more. Recently, an Artificial Company called Life2vec has launched a new AI titled AI Death Calculator.

As per the USA Today report, the life2vec machine-learning computer model was created by Danish researchers, which was able to predict almost accurately the deaths of millions of people.

Currently, the incident has become a trending topic all over the world. Millions of people are quite excited to know that AI works or predicts human death accurately. As we have experienced in Love Calculator long back, many people are saying this may be fun or something else.

Meanwhile, many top-level online news portals claim that the AI Death Calculator can predict human death with almost 78% accuracy. After that, the news became a trending topic in various countries including the USA, the UK, Australia, India, Pakistan, and more across the globe. Can you imagine that Science and Technology developing day by day? Now, people can know about the estimated time of their death!

However, do you want to know how the Death Calculator works? Well, now we are going to share detailed information about this Artificial Intelligence machine-learning transformer model.

According to the report, the AI Model called life2vec collected various types of Data including age, health, education, jobs, income, and other life events. The data was collected from more than 6 million people who lived in Denmark, supplied by the country’s government.

The AI Model calculates the Data using AI algorithms and provides the death prediction. After launching the AI, millions of people all over the world are curious to get experience on this Artificial Intelligence.

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