Birganj Residential School teacher arrested for beating up student

Fulkuri Residential Model School, Birganj News

A teacher of Fulkuri Residential Model School, Gopalganj of Birgaj Upazila sent to Police Custody for beating up a student. The accused, Ekramul Haque is the Headmaster of the institute.

As per the report, Headmaster Ekramul Haque has been arrested and sent to the police station for beating and injuring a student of Fulkuri Residential Model School located in Birganj Upazilla of Dinajpur District.

Meanwhile, some of his students who completed their studies under the teacher Ekramul Haque claimed that the sir couldn’t do anything like that. “We have known Ekramul Haque Sir for 15 years, we grew up under him since childhood. He can’t torture any students,” said some former students.

Detailed information on whether the teacher was arrested for beating up a student of Fulkuri Residential Model School or not, will be available the next morning.

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